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21 [M4R] My Worlds on Fire, How 'Bout Yours?

2020.06.01 06:04 JosefVStalin 21 [M4R] My Worlds on Fire, How 'Bout Yours?

Hello! I am me and you are you. I am looking for people to talk to in these most craziest of times.
I like to play games, mostly strategy games like Civilization and the games from Paradox Interactive. I also play others though like Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2, Spore, Kerbal Space Program, Fallout, Outer Worlds and DOOM. RPGs and strategy are my bread and butter but I am always open to new experiences.
I like to read and try to read at least an hour every night. Mostly about historical events as I am a super history nerd. I have also read LotR and ASoIaF as well though it has been a while since I have read them both. My library is always expanding and again taking recommendations.
Musically I listen to a lot of metal and rock, classic rock is usually about as light as I go. I dont exclusively listen to just that though with Johnny Cash and Gorillaz being some of the top hits on my playlist along with Metallica and Pantera. I try not to restrict myself in what I listen to.
Personally im into history big time, I have been reading about it almost since I learned to read. if you get me started on it I can talk for hours. Tanks as well. I also watch a lot of anime, mostly slice of life because im addicted to the trash. What else. Here is a fun fact: I once drank vinegar because I thought it was water. I hope to hear from you!
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2019.10.09 22:16 aFloatingPineapple GTA VI Credible Leak ?

here is my ID badge that i use to get in and out of work. ( Name and picture is blurred for my protection.) date 2019-2020.
Everyone has been waiting, a credible leak for Grand Theft Auto 6. I will not be stating my name or anything, this is a personal throwaway account, But I do work at Rockstar Games. This next addition to the title will be keeping the tradition of roman numerals, ( GTA VI ) but I will often refer to it as GTA 6, to make things easier.
be sure to read everything, as I have taken the risk and time to leak a lot of vital information.
First off I’d like to state that all previous leaks about GTA 6 is a hoax. All of the leaks regarding GTA 6 taking place in any other area than Vice City, is a hoax.
I will be breaking down the characters, storyline, and more.
Grand Theft Auto VI is designed to be the most developed video game in history, and redefine open sand box games, letting the player fully immerse in the world and storyline.
In Grand Theft Auto 6 the game will take place in Vice City, but the previous storyline leaks etc, is all fake. The plot is completely different,. The game will host 3 protagonists, one being a middle aged white man named Johnathon Brooks, but is often referred to as John. John is going thru a mid-life crisis, and lives on the returning area called Starfish Island. John essentially is a life long career criminal, and exposes the player to a new crime element, fraud. John was born in Carcer City, and moved to Vice City at age 17, after running away from his foster parents, not much is known about his previous life before then, except he was in a very poor family.
John got into the fraud game in the early 2000’s, and he is 38 in game. he earned his money thru many fraudulent activities like credit card fraud, bank fraud, and did a few small bank jobs, and laundered his money with his own car wash business. He lives in a $1.8m mansion that he bought with his illicit gains, and the FIB are on to him. He borrows money from the local gang in Little Haiti, where fraud is very prevalent, and he starts getting back into his older habits to pay off the gang. The FIB notices this, and he ends up doing dirty work for the FIB, in order to keep his freedom.
The second character is Samuel “Shotta” Stevens, who is a member of the Haitian gang. He is a black, Haitian based character with more character development, than Franklin from GTA 5. He is 26 in game. The game also focuses more on crime, and the gang element. The player will experience the brutal reality of the gang life in Vice City, in the slums of Little Haiti, from loan sharking and repossessing the unreliable clients, to brokering the sales, that being kilos of cocaine, for the South American Cartel. Samuel lives in a Section 8 apartment, in the Little Haiti Neighborhood with his grandmother, Amy.
Samuel just wants to move out of the hood, but loves the gang lifestyle, and this gets him caughtup in the FIB drama with John. The FIB cuts him a deal also, if he can snitch out his gang, which the player can choose to cooperate, or refuse. This will change the storyline of Samuel dramatically.
If you choose Option A: Snitch on the gang, You will snitch on the gang and work with John, who will show you the ropes of Fraud, and you both will defraud the bank of Schlongberg Sachs, commit multiple heists, and become a protege of John. Or of course you can choose, Option B: Refuse. Refusing will make Samuel a target of the FIB, and this causes him to gain more respect from his gang. The respect system from San Andreas is back, but new and improved. Samuel will expand his gang operations from Little Haiti, all the way to the Vice Keys, and beyond.
The Third Character is a man named Xavier Gonzalez. Xavier is a latino man born in Vice City, he is 40 years old, and a cocaine kingpin. He lives in Downtown Vice City in his lavish $1.5m penthouse. Xavier is friends with John from the beginning of the story. Xavier is apart of the story no matter what option you choose, providing cocaine to John to sell, OR, Providing cocaine to both John AND Samuel, to sell together, and to strengthen the gangs funds. The gang system is similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s system, and also has elements of GTA San Andreas. Xavier is also tied in directly to the nightclub business as well, having stakes in the returning Malibu Club, now run by the Jimenez Family, a latino Mafia, who has ties directly to the South American Cartel.
Each Character has a different personality and lifestyle, and will be a exceptional experience for the player. Former characters from past GTA’s will be making appearances. Luis WILL be returning, being a manager of the Malibu Club, Stranger and Freaks missions are returning with a more in depth story for every one of them, and Michael De Santa and his wife, Amanda, will be returning also, living in a beach house, although their children will not make any appearances. The both do not play a VITAL part in the storyline, but will have stranger and freaks missions for any character, with all different outcomes. For example, passing by the state penitentiary, you may just recognize Lamar Davis, in a bluish grey jumpsuit, embellished with a pair of handcuffs wrapped around his wrists, demanding for a ride.
The map of GTA VI, will be bigger than GTA V and RDR2 combined, having several counties, having Vice City, based on Miami, the Vice Keys, based on the Florida Keys, The Everglades, based on the swampy Everglades in Florida. The game will also feature Orlando, which is named Corlado, and Tampa, named as Gulf Shore City, but downsized a bit. The game will feature sprawling countryside outside of Vice City and Corlado, with countryside towns, named Canisville, Centura, and Sentinel Point, along with towns along the Vice Keys. There is an Air Force Base, based of off Eglin Air Force Base, named Fort Sentinel. The Ocean is the Atlantic Ocean, with more shipwrecks to discover, plants and animals, and more. The game itself has as many animals as RDR2, and the player can hunt if they choose, although this is just a more of a minigame. Vigilante Missions will be back, along with Taxi Missions.
Character Customization will be better, from the belt on your waist, to the socks on your feet. Choose to your liking of luxury watches, rings, chains, earrings, featuring plain jane, to diamonds and rubies, emeralds, and more. Belts can be worn along with hightops, to lowtops and boots, and dress shoes. Pantlegs can be tucked into the footwear you choose, if the option is available. Tattoos will be back, along with hair customization. John is white so he can tan, or be sunburned, and the core system from RDR 2 is back aswell.
Tattoos will feature opacity and can also fade over time. You will be able to adjust the size of the tattoo. It will be able to be placed on over 10 different area of the body depending the size.
Since the core system is back, you will have to also bathe, to stay clean, otherwise you may notice changes in your cores.
You will have to eat to replenish cores, so you can cook in your safehouse, or go eat out in a restaurant, whether it be fast food or upscale. All characters can have relationships with women, similar to GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. You will be able to buy extra safehouses around the map, and the amount of vehicles will be the same amount that are in GTA Online, and more. Every vehicle will be returning, and first person mode will be more enhanced, with more realistic vehicle interiors to immerse the player into every aspect of the game. South America will not be apart of the game, only Vice City and surrounding Areas.
Skills from GTA V is also being integrated back, along with exercising, to boost strength. Agility is a new added skill, and Strength will affect how hard you punch, kick, or melee in general.
Special Abilities so far, will not be coming back. This may be tweaked before release, but if they return, it will not be a major part of the game.
Car Customization is more advanced, different leather trims can be changed colors, along with wood trims and marble trims. You can add satellite radio, which lets you listen to radio stations in Los Santos, and Liberty City, but so far there is only two stations from each of those cities. You can also listen to all the radio stations across the counties. Neon is back, new spoilers and liveries as well, Along with different colors of tint. Subwoofers will be a standard upgrade as well.
Los Santos Customs is gone, and Pay and Spray is back, along with Viceland Kustomz, and Sentinel Bike Shop. You can also modify certain parts at the car dealerships.
The drug dealing system from GTA: China Town Wars is also returning, but a bit revamped. This is where the post office system comes in, from RDR2. Pounds of Marijuana sourced from Los Santos delivered by mail, to a post office near you. From weed to tabs of LSD, all the way to meth, heroin, and cocaine, you can reap major profits.
Casinos will be returning as well, one being a resort, others being small-time casinos. You will be able to rent a room in the casino and resort. The casino is named as the Malibu Casino and Resort.
Gunplay is improved with new realistic sounds. Interiors are just as detailed as GTA V or RDR2, if not more, I’d say. The insurance system from GTA Online will be integrated into GTA VI’s story mode, so losing a vehicle will not happen.
There is an abundance of new and old activities, that being over 50 strangers and freaks missions, drug supplying, or drug running, similar to GTA TBOGT’s drug missions. You can hunt, as stated before, but is more of a minigame than a money maker. You can fish as well, as fishing is a very popular sport, in modern day Florida.
There will be four strip clubs scattered around the map, one of them named Vanilla Unicorn South East, which is owned by Trevor Phillips, who is planned to make a cameo, only to be featured in a cutscene so far.
Nightclubs as I stated before, will be a thing. There will be 3 nightclubs, where you can take part in a few activities, like dancing, where you can meet your date in game, or drinking and smoking. Expect SOLOMUN, and BLACK MADONNA to return. You will see in game appearances of them DJing in the nightclubs. No other DJ’s will return.
Bounty hunting will not be a thing, but dirty work for the FIB throughout the story will be similar. Pool and bowling is returning, along with player skills, exercise and working out also is a thing, as stated above earlier.
Convenience stores and gas stations will feature many products you can purchase. Snacks, that being Phat chips, (different flavors yield more health and core restoration) candy bars, ( EgoChaser, Meteorite, Zebra Bar, and more) drinks, (E Cola, Sprunk,) Alcohol, (Pisswasser, Champagne, Logger) Redwood cigarettes, and cigars. The stores will be setup similar to RDR2’s store system. You can rob the stores, and also start a protection racket, and extort them.
Pharmacys will be in the game, to purchase portable med kits, or you can rob the pharmacy for drugs and money.
The way you eat can also affect your character’s health, and weight. Similar to GTA San Andreas’s system.
Merryweather will return, but won’t have the same presence as it did in GTA V. Merryweather ends up not being able to operate on U.S. soil, and goes out of business as a hit is put on Don Percival, by one of the returning characters from GTA V.
An advanced parkour system is integrated as well, similar to GTA IV’s.
Gun stores will be prevalent as this is based off of Florida. The homeless man who found the diamonds, from GTA TBOGT will also make an appearance as a gun store owner, as he has proceeded to purchase and start a gun shop in the area of South Vice Beach.
The black market for weapons is featured in this game as well, similar to fences in RDR2. You can also craft bombs/projectiles if you have learned to.
Realism is a goal of this game, without being too overwhelming. Guns and weapons will need to be cleaned. If you shoot a gun, you will smell of gun powder, this may be noticed by civilians or police officers, and they will make comments about it. If you have not bathed, you may just get absurd insults slurred at you. If you have blood stained on you, and you smell of blood, people may give you weird looks, or may just make a call to the local Law Enforcement.
As for those who DM me or ask about Strangers and Freaks, or mysteries and riddles, the paranormal world will be featured in GTA VI. You may encounter serial killers, or creepy sightings in dreary areas. Strangers and freaks will all have its own unique storyline.
The weather system is IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY aswell. Hurricanes do take place, but only during certain parts of the storyline, and floods may occur in marshland areas and anywhere away from mainland.
Melee Combat system is based off of strength, and Agility, which is a new skill, as stated above, and is improved heavily. Hand combat is influenced by strength and agility. Based on how hard you hit the opponent, you may bruise them, and bruise yourself. The chainsaw is returning as well. The limbs and gore is back from RDR2
Dialogue System from GTA San Andreas and RDR2 is back, and improved, with different responses every time.
GPS and Navigation System will be improved, showing the quickest routes, from alleyways to the freeway. Every street will have a name, and the GPS voice from GTA IV is returning as well, get ready to hear “Turn Left in 500 yards, Bing Bong.” Planes will have autopilot, and you can fly to each city with plane tickets, or on your own.
Driving mechanics will be similar to GTA IV’s, but combined with the smoothness of GTA V’s mechanics. Damage to the vehicle will be more detailed then ever, featuring airbag damage as well. EVERY Vehicle will have its own selected weight, and handling, to improve the player’s experience.
Six star wanted level is back, with FIB being the 6th star. There is multiple law enforcement agencies. VCPD, GSCPD, CPD, SPPD, Highway Patrol, FIB, IAA, Viceland State Patrol, as well as the NOOSE. You will not be shot by cops for just staring at them.
Being arrested results in you serving time, similar to RDR 1’s Jail time mechanic, showing you all of your charges while you sit in a cell. The first time you get arrested it will show your character being booked, and you will have to take a mugshot and be fingerprinted. Depending on the county or city you’ve been arrested in, you will be known to local law enforcement and even law abiding citizens, depending on how severe your charges are.
Random events are more realistic than ever. depending on the wanted level you’ve attained, there is a system similar to the bounty system of RDR2. The more crimes you’ve commited that have gained attention of law enforcement, you have a chance of getting your hotel room getting kicked in by noose, your safe house getting staked out by undercover FIB, even being pulled over if you have commited a number of crimes in the same vehicle. You may witness muggings, or even be mugged yourself. You will encounter situations with homeless people to the rich and famous, with all different outcomes.
Real Estate as stated before, will be available to all three characters. Businesses will be available, illicit and legal, from businesses to launder cash for the gang, to illicit businesses like credit fraud rings, to counterfeit cash.
Safe houses will be available as well. A penthouse in Corlado, a modern mansion on Starfish Island, a beach house on Ocean Beach, a small quaint house in Canisville, a traditional house in Gulf Shore City, a vacation-style home in the Vice Keys, to small apartments in small towns like Centura or Sentinel Point. Each character will be able to purchase any of these properties, but it will be tied to just the one character that purchased it.
Hotels and Motels will also be available to rent rooms and bathe in, one being the Gulf Shore motel, a dingy motel room for cheap, perfect for someone wanting a cheap stay. The Malibu Casino and Resort near Vice Beach, a 5 star luxury stay, with a two-story penthouse with a jacuzzi the player can bathe in, with views of Vice Beach, and the nearby Ocean Beach. There is 4 hotels and 2 motels scattered across the map, each with unique interiors and different amenities.
Purchasing vehicles you can enter a dealership, or purchase online and have it delivered to a garage. Pegasus Concierge is returning. Certain stolen vehicles will have trackers, and will not be able to be modified, same as GTA V.
The stock market is also returning, BAWSAQ and VLSM ( Vice Land Stock Market ) and can reap heavy profits as well.
Time goes by: This game is set in 2017-2019. Times will change thruout, buildings will be completed as they were in RDR2, radio stations will not play all of the music in the tracklist at first. Instead it will play newer music thruout the storyline. You will still hear older and newer songs too after completion.
Character customization is not just clothing, tattoos, jewelry and hair customization. You can also purchase 3 different phone models. an iFruit phone, based on the iPhone Xr, a Badger phone, or a Whiz Wireless. You will also be able to purchase ringtones, as you were able to do in GTA IV. You can also purchase an iFruit watch, based on the apple watch, which you can take calls on, if you change your settings.
Depending on how rough you play, clothing can wear and tear. Examples: jumping out of a moving vehicle, falling off/on rocks, tripping on certain props.
As stated above, NPC’s will notice the clothing you wear, the way you look or smell, the car you drive, and the jewelry you wear, and will make comments on it.
Crouching will be back, the same as RDR2, and the cover system is nearly the exact same cover system as RDR2.
ALSO Expect a Special Edition, AND Collector’s Edition, similar to RDR2.
The game is set in the summer of 2017 to 2019 as the storyline proceeds. This game WILL BE PS5 Exclusive, for the first month. The in-game experience is like no other, PS5 also has a new controller design as well. It is projected to not release until later 2020, AFTER holiday season BUT MAY BE DELAYED. I have broken down the storyline, key elements of the game, and if anyone has anymore questions I will be happy to answer. I know so much about this game as I’ve been working on it since the start, and I’m not afraid to get in trouble, as this is a throwaway.
I will not be responding to negative comments, claiming this is fake, because I will not waste my time with non-believers, only true questions.
all content is confirmed unless it has been mentioned by me to not be officially confirmed already, and anything may be scrapped before release as cut content, but is unlikely
*PLEASE UPVOTE. I do not want my effort and the risks I am taking to go to waste. I want this to not get buried. *
if you have questions or WANT MORE? (screenshots or photos as proof, radio stations, confirmed tracklists or more) Send Me A Chat.
You may see songs from previous games, as Rockstar may have the licenses still, or has renewed them.
Satellite Radio: Liberty City
Beat 102.7- Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid
Beat 102.7 Logo-
Liberty Rock Radio- Hosted By Iggy Pop
LRR Logo-
Satellite Radio:
Radio Los Santos- Hosted By BigBoy
Radio Los Santos Logo-
Los Santos Rock Radio- Hosted By Kenny Loggins
Los Santos Rock Radio Logo-
NightRide FM Hosted By Kavinsky
NightRide FM Logo-
Corlado’s Hottest Jams 103.7 Hosted By Feliciá Williams and DJ Diamondz
CHJ 103.7 Logo-
V-Rock FM Hosted By Couzin Ed
V-Rock FM Logo-
Vice City’s Retro Mix , 104.7 Fm Hosted By Fernando Martinez
VCRM 104.7 FM Logo-
Vice City Classic Hip Hop Hosted By DJ slick slim
Vice City Classic Hip Hip Logo-
Viceland’s Country Radio (VLCR) Hosted By Derrick Jones
VLCR Logo-
GSC-EDM FM ( Gulf Shore City EDM Fm ) Hosted By Gulf Shore City FM.
The Sunrise Fm ( Reggae music ) Hosted By Marshall Peters
The Sunrise Fm Logo-
Vice Rap Radio ( VRR ) ( modern florida rap ) Hosted By DJ Josué Da Kidd
Vice Rap Radio Logo-
The Groove 109.2 Hosted By Vaughn Harper
The Groove 109.2 Logo-
Baila Ahora Radio (modern spanish station) Hosted By Amada Abrantes
Baila Ahora Radio Logo-
Interesante Musica Radio ( modern and old spanish music ) Hosted By Selená Martinez * Los Hermanos Rosario, La Dueña Del Swing * los reyes del merengue, El Baile del Beeper - Versión Merengue * Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un Carnaval * INDIA, Marc Anthony, Vivir Lo Nuestro * Felipe Muñiz, Marc Anthony, Deje de Amar * Ivy Queen, Dime * Monchy and Alexandra, Alexandra
Musica de Clásico FM ( Salsa ) Hosted By Pedro Simmóns
Flash FM ( 2000’s and 90’s pop) Hosted By DJ Toni
Flash FM Logo-
Ocean Beach Classics FM (80’s synth pop) Hosted By DJ Teri
OBC FM Logo-
The Wave 103 (Slow/Vocal Synthwave + Indie Synth) Hosted By Adam First, Trish Camden
The Wave 103 Logo-
Centura County Country Hits ( newer country ) Hosted By Rick Hanson
Centura County Country Hits Logo-
The Keys Rock Radio ( mix of rock) Hosted By Gerald Ritsky
The Keys Rock Radio Logo-
Viceland Lithium Radio ( Hardcore Rock, Heavy Metal ) ( VLLR ) Hosted By VLLR.
VLLR Logo-
Trap House Radio ( Trap Rap ) Hosted By DJ BlueBandz
Trap House Radio Logo-
Anarchy Radio 98.5 FM ( Alt Rock, Punk) Hosted By Jason Lavigne
Chatterbox Vice City Talk Radio
CTR Corlado Talk Radio
-host, Lazlow - Fernando Martinez
Viceland News Network VLNN
VLNN Logo-
Host- Vanessa Hopkins, Weazel News. - Updates on weather and Weazel News
Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical. Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical.
Along with the No phone, No photos policy, It will be very difficult to get OFFICIAL screenshots. Here is a official, accurate sketch of the GTA VI Minimap and cores design
Here is the sketch of the mini map on computer.
I will be uploading more sketches soon.
Here’s my Rockstar badge / ID. it is dirty, apologies. The rockstar logo, imprinted on the card itself, along with my photo, blurred out, my name below it, and the expiration date, years 2019-2020. this is only an ID to get into the building. since i have released a bit of proof, stop spreading misinformation
You can still trust my leak, but here is a legal disclaimer so I cannot be targeted.
Ignore this below.
-legal disclaimer. this is fictional and not proven, this post is not associated with taketwo or rockstar games in any way, shape, or form.
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2019.06.09 14:06 KubanX 25 [M4F] Poland - whole world


Since you've encountered my post, let me introduce myself. My name is Kuba, but you can call me Jake. I'm a 25 y/o guy from Poland. Here's my pic. I'm open to LDR so your location is not a problem.

I've graduated university more than a year ago and currently I'm working in a container shipping company.

In my free time I love playing video games, currently Red Dead Redemption 2. Movies are my big passion, especially genres like; horror (SAW franchise), thriller and sci-fi. Of course I like tv-shows, LOST being my all time favorite.

Music is also a huge part of my life, I listen to metal the most, my personal favorite bands are Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Machine Head, Deftones, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, Killswitch Engage, Trivium and As I Lay Dying. I'm open to the other genres though.

Usually I prefer staying at home, however I like riding a bike, nature and travelling, Spain is my special country to travel to. My dream is to visit United States, Mexico, countries in South America, India and Australia.
I'm learning Spanish, so it would be nice to talk with someone who knows that language or is learning it.

I don't smoke or do drugs and I rarely drink, so I expect the same from you. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, I don't mind if you're Black, White, Asian or Latina, it's all cool.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to send me a message.
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2018.01.14 11:06 AshishAlaichamy A Heavy Metal Canon, according to the users of The Metal Archives

Hi Shreddit, first time poster here.
Recently I've been reading about various musical subcultures through the ages (mods, punks, hippies, goths, emos and the like), how they arose, and how each inevitably declined and fell with time. In the midst of all these, heavy metal (and metalheads) seemed to stick out conspicously in the way that it stubbornly resists to wane and disappear to the extent that virtually every other subculture has. I supposed that the reason this was so, was because metal music (and metal culture) has a uniquely robust body of work on which it rests, a nigh indestructible Canon of Established and Indisputable Classics, comprising music so ridiculously good that we can all pretty much agree should be included in said canon, irrespective of whether it's our individual cup of tea or not. For example, I think most power metal fans wouldn't disagree that "Transilvanian Hunger" is a classic of extreme metal music, even if they don't personally care for it all that much. Likewise with black metal fans and say, "The Divine Wings of Tragedy."
This got me thinking about the idea of a Heavy Metal Canon, which got me thinking about the Metal Archives. Say what you will about the Archives (I know there's plenty of people with plenty to say about it) but one would be hard pressed to deny just how useful a tool it is for many metalheads around the world to discover new music in the Internet Age. It's practically indispensable for many, and some of the most interesting reviews (and, to be fair, some of the most mind-numbingly banal ones) have been written there over the years, by some really colorful personalities that didn't work for any magazine or publication, but just loved metal and had a keyboard and a modem. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me to be the perfect place to attempt to extract a Heavy Metal Canon. And so that's what I did.
The list I present to you today includes all of the albums which, as of December 31st, 2017, either currently has or at some point has had, an average score of 90% from 10 or more reviews on the Metal Archives. When I say "at some point has had", I mean that if the first 10 reviews average to, say, 94%, and the 11th reviewer gives the album a 0% (as people are wont to do on that site), causing the average to drop to 85%, that album is still included. This approach ensures that once an album makes it onto this list, it stays there for eternity.
A couple things: Yes, the Metal Archives is a site that is notorious for its crotchety elitism, but for the purposes of this list, I considered that to be an advantage rather than a drawback. After all, this list is supposed to represent music that is universally (or as close to universally as possible) acclaimed, elitist douchebags included. Like it or not, the fact is that such folk represent a real part of the fabric of the subculture. This crotchety elitism also serves to ensure the absence of even borderline nu metal/metalcore/other controversial subgenre, minimizing any potential "but that's not metal" cases in the list, although, as you'll see, there are still some of those.
As a side note, if the average for an album was 89.9, it was not included in the list. It's the computer scientist in me.
tl;dr These are the most universally acclaimed metal albums of all time, according to some arbitrary math and the corner of the internet occupied by the Encyclopaedia Metallum users. This might be profoundly uninteresting to seasoned metalheads. But for someone new to metal, or someone exploring outside their preferred subgenre, I'd consider these to be "can't go wrong"s. Maybe an alternative to the many excellent guides and primers already on this subreddit.
The List:
Absu - Tara
Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Acid Bath - When the Kite String Pops
Agalloch - Ashes Against the Grain
Agalloch - The Mantle
Ahab - The Call of the Wretched Sea
Akercocke - Antichrist
Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue
Amon Amarth - Once Sent From the Golden Hall
Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side
Amorphis - Eclipse
Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Angra - Temple of Shadows
Anthrax - Persistence of Time
Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors
Arsis - A Celebration of Guilt
Artillery - By Inheritance
Asmegin - Hin vordende Sod & Sø
At the Gates - The Red in the Sky is Ours
Atheist - Piece of Time
Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
Augury - Concealed
Autopsy - Mental Funeral
Autopsy - Severed Survival
Bathory - Bathory
Bathory - Blood Fire Death
Bathory - Hammerheart
Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Batushka - Litourgiya
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
Blind Guardian - Beyond the Red Mirror
Blind Guardian - Follow the Blind
Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry
Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God
Blut Aus Nord - Ultima Thulee
Bolt Thrower - ...for Victory
Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness
Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
Burzum - Filosofem
Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Candlemass - Nightfall
Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated
Carach Angren - Where the Corpses Sink Forever
Carcass - Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
Carcass - Symphonies of Sickness
Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium
Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity
Celtic Frost - Monotheist
Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion
Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper
Control Denied - The Fragile Art of Existence
Coroner - Punishment for Decadence
Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory
Crimson Glory - Transcendence
Cryptopsy - Blasphemy Made Flesh
Cryptopsy - None So Vile
Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
Dark Angel - Leave Scars
Dark Tranquility - Character
Dark Tranquility - Fiction
Darkspace - Dark Space III
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Darkthrone - Under a Funeral Moon
Death - Human
Death - Spiritual Healing
Death - Symbolic
Deathspell Omega - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
Deathspell Omega - Paracletus
Deicide - Deicide
Deicide - Legion
Deicide - The Stench of Redemption
Demilich - Nespithe
Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence
Devourment - Molesting the Decapitated
Dio - Holy Diver
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Disembowelment - Transcendence into the Peripheral
Disillusion - Back to Times of Splendor
Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
Dissection - The Somberlain
DragonForce - Valley of the Damned
Dream Theater - Awake
Dream Theater - Images and Words
Drudkh - Autumn Aurora
Drudkh - Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics...
Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse
Ensiferum - Ensiferum
Ensiferum - Iron
Enslaved - Vikingligr veldi
Entombed - Left Hand Path
Evoken - Antithesis of Light
Exodus - Bonded by Blood
Falkenbach - ...magni blandinn ok megintíri...
Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian
Finntroll - Nattfodd
Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver
Forbidden - Twisted into Form
Gamma Ray - Land of the Free
Ghost - Opus Eponymous
Gorgoroth - Pentagram
Gorguts - Obscura
Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity
Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know
Hell - Human Remains
Helloween - Gambling with the Devil
Helloween - Walls of Jericho
Helstar - Nosferatu
I - Between Two Worlds
Iced Earth - Night of the Stormrider
Ihsahn - The Adversary
Immolation - Close to a World Below
Immolation - Dawn of Possession
Immolation - Here in After
Immortal - At the Heart of Winter
Immortal - Blizzard Beasts
Insect Warfare - World Extermination
Insomnium - Above the Weeping World
Insomnium - Across the Dark
Insomnium - In the Halls of Awaiting
Into Eternity - Buried in Oblivion
Iron Maiden - Killers
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
Isis - Oceanic
Isis - Panopticon
Jag Panzer - License to Kill a.k.a. Ample Destruction
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny
Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin
Judas Priest - Stained Class
Katatonia - Dance of December Souls
Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye
Keep of Kalessin - Kolossus
King Diamond - Abigail
King Diamond - The Eye
King Diamond - The Puppet Master
Kreator - Coma of Souls
Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun
Kyuss - Kyuss (Welcome to Sky Valley)
Leviathan - The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
Liege Lord - Master Control
Lost Horizon - A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Lost Horizon - Awakening the World
Lurker of Chalice - Lurker of Chalice
Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris
Malevolent Creation - Retribution
Manilla Road - Crystal Logic
Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Megadeth - Rust in Peace
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath
Mercyful Fate - Melissa
Meshuggah - Catch Thirtythree
Metal Church - Metal Church
Metal Church - The Dark
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja
Moonsorrow - Verisakeet
Moonsorrow - Voimasta ja kunniasta
Moonspell - Wolfheart
Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death
Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration
Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption
Necrophagist - Onset of Putrefaction
Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence
Neurosis - Through Silver in Blood
Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
Nightwish - Angels Fall First
Nocturnus - The Key
Nokturnal Mortum - Голос сталі
Nokturnal Mortum - Goat Horns
Obituary - Cause of Death
Origin - Antithesis
Orphaned Land - Mabool - The Story of the Three Sons of Seven
Outworld - Outworld
Overkill - Feel the Fire
Overkill - Taking Over
Overkill - The Years of Decay
Pantera - Power Metal
Pentagram - Pentagram
Pestilence - Consuming Impulse
Pestilence - Testimony of the Ancients
Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard
Possessed - Seven Churches
Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness
Primordial - To the Nameless Dead
Psychotic Waltz - A Social Grace
Psycroptic - The Scepter of the Ancients
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination
Rainbow - Rising
Razor - Violent Restitution
Repulsion - Horrified
Riot V - Thundersteel
Rotting Christ - Theogonia
Running Wild - Death or Glory
Rush - 2112
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
Rush - Moving Pictures
Rush - Permanent Waves
Sabbat - Dreamweaver
Sacramentum - Far Away From the Sun
Sadus - Illusions
Saint Vitus - Born Too Late
Samael - Solar Soul
Sarcofago - I.N.R.I.
Satyricon - Nemesis Divina
Savatage - Edge of Thorns
Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
Scorpions - Blackout
Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
Sepultura - Schizophrenia
Shining - V - Halmstad (Niklas angaende Niklas)
Sigh - In Somniphobia
Skinless - Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - South of Heaven
Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain
Sodom - Agent Orange
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Spawn of Possession - Incurso
Stratovarius - Nemesis
Suffocation - Breeding the Spawn
Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten
Suffocation - Pierced from Within
Sunn O))) - Black One
Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions
Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Taake - Nattestid ser porten vid
Taake - Noregs Vaapen
Terrorizer - World Downfall
Testament - The Legacy
The Red Chord - Fused Together in Revolving Doors
Therion - Secret of the Runes
Therion - Vovin
Thorns - Thorns
Toxik - Think This
Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
Type O Negative - October Rust
Type O Negative - Slow, Deep and Hard
Tyr - Eric the Red
Ulver - Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler
Ulver - Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne til Ulven i Manden
Vader - Litany
Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters
Vektor - Terminal Redux
Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve
Venom - Welcome to Hell
Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter
Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare
Virgin Steele - Invictus
Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Part One
Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Part Two
Voivod - Killing Technology
W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol
Wolves in the Throne Room - Black Cascade
Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
Finally, a big thanks to, a tool which proved incalculably useful in the creation of this list.
EDIT: "Canon" was definitely the wrong word to use here. Mea culpa everyone. It's plain to see that far too many of the undisputed essentials are just missing from here, Black Sabbath's self-titled for example (probably the most egregious one), but dozens of others as well. And others have pointed out the distinctly unscientific and statistically unsound methodology at work here, and this is completely true as well. Certainly the users of the Metal Archives hardly represent a random sampling of the metal listening population at large. The criteria I used (10 or more reviews and an average of 90% or higher) is entirely arbitrary as well. Perhaps, as one person suggested, the list would more accurately just be called "popular on MA".
That being said, I do like the idea of having a heavy metal canon, and I guess most any Greatest of All Time list is essentially an attempt to create something like one. This was a very rough and inexact attempt at creating one by what is essentially a popular vote, but a popular vote which requires a little more thought and effort than a mere vote (the thought and effort of writing a review, however troll-worthy). Ultimately it's probably a failed experiment. But it's one which I found fun to do, so I guess there's that :P
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2017.05.20 11:41 Atillion My Trip To Hell and Back: A Descent Into Madness

The TL;DR - Foolishly took too much acid. First and only trip, died and went to hell.
This is going to be extremely long. As I start writing this, I don't know how I'm going to feel as I uncover memories I've been running from for 18 years. I'm new to Reddit, and I've been lurking on this Subreddit for a couple of days now, blown away by what I'm reading.
I wish I had a resource like this when I experienced my trip--to have had people who understood what had happened to me and could help me understand or make sense of it. More importantly, to let me know that I wasn't alone. I tripped alone, died alone, and I fought to regain my sanity over the next 3 years alone. I recovered as well as I could from it alone, thinking someone would call me crazy if they knew. I believe the only difference between a madman and a sane man is simply having a witness--someone who understands.
Foreword: I don't know all of the lingo spoken here, so forgive me for my elementary approach. I'll try to explain what I can to the best of my ability, and I imagine a great majority of you may possibly just yawn and think been-there-done-that, but I think more than anything, this is going to be therapeutic for me. Even if I get no feedback, just putting it into words and resurrecting memories from vaults I've locked away may just be what needs to be done--but to a witness who might just understand.
*Picking a Destination*
"If there was a drug that made you live your worst nightmare, would you take it?" I asked as I exhaled. The crackling fire lit our faces and flooded out the darkness settling in around the two of us. "Hell no!" My friend Dave exclaimed as I passed back the little bronze bowl. We sat silently for a few moments, then he laughed that stoner laugh that you sometimes arrive at when you realize you were lost in your own deep thought and quickly snapped back to reality. He fired it up and took another hit before passing it back to me. I looked at the bowl pensively. It was nearly cashed, but enough left for one more good hit. "I think I would." I mused. The glow flickered in the metal bowl as I struck the lighter.
*Buying the Tickets*
July 3rd 1999. BIG party in the Nantahala Gorge in western NC, where I grew up. I was never much for big parties or lots of people. I was 19, and had lived a fairly sheltered life. I had a strict, overprotective mother (who was a police officer) and good ole Southern Baptist upbringing. The wailin' and screamin' and hollerin' and speaking in tongues--pretty much just left of throwing snakes. I had hit a bit of a rebellious streak and smoking pot opened my mind in ways I never could have imagined. I loved it. But I eventually wanted something more. What I'd heard of acid intrigued me, but Dave was adamantly against it. He would have no part of it and suggested I do the same--but when did anything short of a gun to my head change my mind once it was set?
The Rolling Thunder River Company hosted the party in the Gorge. And the Gorge was famous for river hippies and paddlers, the Grateful Dead Tie Die crowd--not particularly my scene, but I went hoping I could score some acid and smoke with some pros. I don't remember anything about that party except the drunk guy that sold me 9 hits of acid. (squares? tabs? IDK, I'll just call them hits.) We were standing around in a circle holding beers, passing bowls--just bullshitting--all strangers. The curly brown haired guy beside me seemed to get SUPER excited when I casually mentioned in a side conversation what I was there looking for. "Follow me!" He said as hushedly as a drunk guy could. We walked down a stone path away from the music and crowd. He pulled some plastic out of his pocket and tore away a perforated paper that amounted to 9 little squares. Five bucks a piece I gave him and we rejoined the crowd.
I bought 9 hits because I had discussed my plans to take acid with a couple of girls who were stoked and wanted to take it with me, but for whatever reason, they turned out unable to do it over the 4th of July weekend. I was too impatient to wait until they could, so I sold 2 of the hits to this one chick I knew and kept 7 for myself.
My weed dealer was a grotesquely obese indian (Cherokee) guy named Zeke. He could play guitar like nobody's business, and one of Dave's and my favorite things to do was go buy a bag from Zeke, then smoke up in his basement while he sat in front of us wailing Pantera songs with his guitar resting across his big, fat belly. I told Zeke about the acid--and lack of a place to take it, since you know, Cop Mom at my house--and we came up with the plan for me to come to his house in Cherokee to take my trip. We weren't super close, but I trusted him enough that I figured he'd be good to be around if I needed help.
The day arrived as we had planned. I packed up a change of clothes and all the necessities and headed over to Zeke's house. It looked a lot different lit up during the day--I guess I had only seen it late and night when Dave and I would call him up with our analog cell phones--and because my mom's police scanner would often pick up one or both sides of random people's cell phone conversations, we would ask in code, "Hey Zeke, can I borrow that Pantera CD?" He'd say yes if he had some weed to sell us LOL.
Zeke invited a friend over for the occasion. I guess he wanted someone to drink with since I would be tripping and he would not. It was another big indian carrying two 24 packs of beer. He was not quite so big that he breathed heavily while sitting perfectly still like Zeke did, but big enough to his own rights. I didn't know him. And he seemed kind of sketchy, but he was one of Zeke's best friends, so I went with it and struck up small talk to try and find some common ground with him. I may not have been perfectly at ease, but it wasn't enough to deter my plans.
(Note: I just realized how much I've written at this point, and I haven't even taken the acid yet. I think somewhere deep inside I'm avoiding going there because I know I'm going to be confronting it head on and triggering those feelings I've fought so hard to bury. My chest is literally tightened with dread. This must seem incredibly stupid if you're still here lol)
It was a beautiful sunny day. Zeke and his friend had already started working on their case-of-beer-each while intermittently shooting some Tanqueray from those mini bottles you get at the liquor store counter. I sat outside on a picnic table and took a single hit of acid. I remember a kind of bitter taste. I held it under my tongue and swished my spit around in my mouth, purposely not swallowing until I had to. I think I waited about 30 minutes. I was watching this beautiful field of grain across the road blowing gently in the breeze thinking that would be the perfect thing to be looking at when it hits me. When's it going to hit me? Did I take enough? Maybe I should take another. So I did.
Another 30 minutes (I'm guessing) had passed after I took the second hit. Why wasn't this working? I flashed back to the first few times I smoked pot and didn't experience anything. I looked at the remaining 5 hits and thought maybe they're weak or the acid got rubbed off. Maybe I should take 2 more. So I did. Well shit, I only have 3 left, might as well take these too. The last 5 hits I took within a few minutes of each other, and I chewed these up, not savoring like I did the first two.
I focused on that field of grain across the street. It was shining brilliant gold with the sun hitting it perfectly while a gentle breeze waved the grains in random patterns (god my pulse IRL right now). I became fixated on the patterns emerging from the grain and let my mind drift. When's this going to work? IS this going to work? How will I know? And how the hell is the wind making the trees behind the field of grain bend like that? That is so cool. I looked down at the road between me and the wavy field. The road is bending back and forth just like those trees... My arms! My car! This picnic table! It's all moving! Holy shit, it's starting!
I was blown away by what I was seeing. This was absolutely incredible. I became euphoric and elated and HAD to go tell Zeke. I burst in the house. Dude, I think it's starting! I sat down on the living room couch where Zeke and friend were chatting and stacking beer cans, and I just sat looking around the room at all the movement, mezmerized.
Before this moment, when someone would describe what they saw on acid, they would say something like "The lamp started melting." And in my mind, I envisioned ONLY the lamp melting and nothing else. I looked at the nearest lamp and realized that it wasn't just the lamp, but it was the lines in the paneling behind it. It was the TV the lamp sat on. Everything in my field of vision was wavy and moving, not just a single object. Because all objects were moving uniformly regardless of depth between the objects, my vision suddenly took on a Two-Dimensional feel. Like my whole field of vision was thin as paper and everything in front of me could be ripped if someone just reached through and pierced it. I could see how someone could lose touch with reality witnessing this. There was nothing to ground or affix to. But I told myself this is what I signed up for, go with it. Enjoy it. And I did. For what I think was about an hour.
This is where it gets hard to explain. Up until now, the visuals I was experiencing across my entire field of vision were very random. Like little firework bursts everywhere with no pattern or reason. Here, and there, and there, and there. I started noticing on the right side of my field of vision, the patterns were aligning themselves into a single wave that stretched from the top all the way to the bottom. One single wave on the right 1/4 side of my vision. The left side was still bursting with random patterns. The wave on the right side didn't bother me, but it set up warning flags. That's curious. What's going on here?
I continued to enjoy the sensations I was experiencing until I noticed the one wave on the right side of my vision had peaked, and was starting to grow into a second wave. Now I have two waves on the right side of my vision and it's growing slowly to about half my total field of vision. The left side is still random bursts. I suddenly have the startling realization that this wave is eventually going to grow into three... four... as many as it takes to cover my entire field of vision. I'm being pulled under this thing. Taken over. And I'm going to have to wait until it passes completely. Like a train slowly passing by me. But I don't know how long it is.
"Like an A-Train?" this voice in my head said audibly, kind of giggling like he knew this was why they called it an A-Train and he was amused that I was just discovering it. That voice was me, but not me. It was some kind of inner dialogue that I could converse with and I couldn't control what he said, but it was still me. (I have no idea how else to explain it, but this voice is going to be my guide through this whole ordeal.) And he presented himself confidently as someone with authority. He knows what's happening to me and he may tell me or may not. But most of all, he presented himself as the absolute truth. I wasn't allowed to question or argue with him.
Panic starts to set in at the thought of being pulled under this wave. I try to keep my composure as the waves are nearing 3/4ths of my vision and Zeke and Friend are unaware. I start casually trying to explain what I'm experiencing without giving away the terror I'm on the verge of. I'm nearly fully consumed by this growing wave. The random bursts on the left side now have just a TINY strip of area to burst and play. I look at those bursts that I was JUST enjoying not that long ago--and linger on them as long as I can, like waving goodbye to a friend that's sailing away on a ship until they're out of sight.
I'm avoiding the wave. Once it reaches my full field of vision, I will be fully dragged under and I won't be back until it's done. I ask the voice when is it going to be done? LOL you took 7 hits of acid (again almost giddy), who knows?
I'm failing miserably to keep my composure. I look to Zeke to help me out. When I revealed how much acid I took, Zeke's friend shook his head and spoke to Zeke like I wasn't there. "Stupid kids, man. That stuff's just rat poison for your brain." The Voice laughed, a little colder this time. Exactly. Rat poison for your brain.
*Engine Failure*
I knew Zeke had been around some people who have partied hard before. He said he had been with people who had bad trips. It was one of the reasons I was okay coming here to do this. I looked to Zeke for some reassurance. I'm on the couch by myself and Zeke is to my left. His friend is uninterested, drinking to my right.
Me: Have you been with someone before who's done this? (my elbows rest on my knees as I lean forward) Zeke: Yeah I have. Me: (I lean back on the couch) Am I going to be okay? Zeke: Yeah, you'll be fine. Me: (I sit up more straight) Do you know how long I'm going to be like this? Zeke: I don't know, man.
Me: Well, have you been with someone before who's done this? (elbows are back on my knees) Zeke: Yeah dude. Me: (leaning back again) Am I going to be okay? Zeke: Yeah dude, you'll be fine. Me: (Sitting up again) How long will I be like this? Zeke: I don't know, man.
I don't realize I'm looping these three questions (and body positions!). I don't have the cognizance to realize I had just asked the same question two questions ago. I'm just naturally flowing along this line of thinking from one question to the other. I asked Zeke later how many times I looped and he said a LOT.
Here's where it gets unfortunate. I had gone to a concert at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC the night before. I swear it was Fear Factory, but I can't find a record of that show from 1999. It very well could have been someone else, but my gut memory tells me it was Fear Factory, so I'm going with that as if it matters. My ears were still ringing from the show (tinnitus I later learned it's called). Just a constant droning ringing. Faint for the most part--unless you fixate on it. And guess what I fixated on.
I don't know how many times I went through this loop of questions before I realized I was looping. And not just looping the same questions, but my body position was the same at each question. Every single time. I became aware of this loop and the persistent ringing in my ears. It was like I was a third party, watching myself loop.
The Voice giggled again--Well now you've done it. Done what? You know. No I don't. Don't lie--you KNOW. I knew... The loop wasn't really happening. I was seeing the last 45 seconds of memory over and over as my brain had entered the shut down process. The ringing in my ears? It was the heart monitor flat lining as I slowly died in an emergency room.
You killed yourself. Fuck.
*The Descent*
I know what it feels like to die. Not physically. But mentally, from the moment a person realizes they're truly going to die--if they're unlucky enough to experience that realization before their actual death--I know what it feels like. If you truly think you're about to die, I believe you still experience the same emotions whether you experience the physical death or not.
Dying felt like my brain did a purge of its RAM and sent it all through the Processor at one time. My entire life flashed through the forefront of my brain in an instant. (Cliche, right?). I saw everything from my earliest memories of walking in diapers all the way through the latest fight with my mom. While everything flashed instantly, some things stood out. Regrets weighed the most. Things I never did but wanted to. Relationships I let wither away through inattention. The worst part was thinking of my mom holding my hand while I lay comatose in a hospital, my brain slowly easing away. It's all gone. Everything. I'm alone. Nobody around me knows what's happened but me, and they'll ever never know. My life book was stamped with the thud of a cold, indifferent red rubber stamp. Closed.
*Crash Landing*
I don't know how long I died on the couch, but my next memory is when I snapped back to the living room I was in. Back to the body I was in. I'm sitting on the same couch. There's a loud clock ticking on the wall across from me. Everything's quiet except for Zeke and his friend passed out on the floor in front of me, both snoring. Something about this is eerily familiar. Like I've been here before. Incredible Deja Vu. I've seen this exact scene before! But how?! The couch, the clock, the guys snoring. Maybe I dreamed it before. Maybe all through your life you randomly dream of where you land when you die as some kind of sick joke, and then when you actually die and survey that familiar scene, it's confirmation that you're...
"Dead." The Voice got my attention. "You wasted your whole life the way you did and now you're here." (He's such a bastard.) (But to be fair, he is me so I guess I'm such a bastard lol) I hated how arrogant he was. How everything he said to me was with this smugness like he'd been trying to warn me for ages and I refused to listen, and now I'm getting what I deserve.
"Suicide!" He gasped feigning surprise like he was reading about me for the first time from a chart, but his voice sounded suspiciously like delight. "And you know what that means." He never asked me anything. Asking me would imply that I had a choice in what to answer. He always TOLD me. He directed me to the first thought that came to my head. It was my mom's voice in a conversation we had years ago. "Suicides go to hell."
"NO! This can't be!" Sometimes the REAL me could surface briefly. Like being held under water and you use all your strength to get your head out and breathe. The real me would say "You took a lot of acid, you're okay, just hold on" and we'd get pulled back under to succumb to whatever fate. But just hold on.
I HAVE to get off this couch. My first thought is to go outside. Change your venue. I look at the front door to the right. It's getting dark outside. I opened the door, and I don't know if I really heard it or not, but it sounded like a jet was flying over us way up in the sky, but the roar and the color of the sunset looked like distant fire and scared the shit out of me, so I closed the door. This is not an option. If I'm in hell, at least there's no fire in here. I could deal with being inside.
Standing at the front door looking in, the Death Couch is to the left. I ain't going that way, so naturally I look to the right. There's a hallway with a bathroom down there. Go chill in the bathroom. Just get away from that damn couch.
The bathroom was incredibly small. Just enough room for a toilet and a sink with a big mirror. Approaching the door, I noticed how small it was and almost talked myself out of it. Claustrophobia tried to steer me away, but fear of being near that couch was stronger. I stepped cautiously into the tiny bathroom. WHAT THE FUCK just looked at me from the mirror?! I NOPE'd the bjeezus out of that bathroom and found myself walking the hallway back toward.... shit the couch. Dammit. I can't win.
I'm facing the couch now. The door is to the left, can't go there, just turn right again. Okay, the kitchen. It's not ideal, but it's not the Death Couch or the Demon Mirror Bathroom. Dirty dishes piled up on the sink, little bottles of Tanqueray and orange juice lying everywhere. It's messy but there's a chair by the fridge. I take a seat. I'm facing the sink. The faucet catches my eye.
The Real me swam to the surface. OMG! I CAN'T BE IN HELL, THERE WOULD BE NO WATER IN HELL! YOU CAN'T DRINK IN HELL! Finally! A ray of light. Some logic crept in and tried to set me straight. I'll just drink some water! I placed my hand on the faucet. Something stopped me just before I raised the lever. The Voice was back.
"Go ahead, lift it. You know what's going to happen." He chided. I said "There's going to be no water, isn't there?" He didn't respond, he just smiled. Like he was waiting for me to do it and see for myself. And I couldn't see him smiling, but it's like how you're on the phone with someone, and they smile, and you can just TELL they're smiling. That motherfucker bluffed me so hard. I know today that if I lifted the faucet, water would have come out. I KNOW this now. But I was so TERRIFIED of lifting the faucet and having nothing come out--because it would just confirm that I was in Hell...It would be solid proof--So I couldn't bring myself to do it.
THE FRIDGE HAS DRINKS! YOU COULDN'T DRINK IF YOU WERE IN HELL! DRINK SOMETHING!! I opened the refrigerator and saw all sorts of sodas, beer, juice. My hand reached for an orange juice. The voice was watching over my shoulder, just waiting for me to grab one. "You're going to drink it all now??!" he said incredulously. "You realize if you drink it all now, you'll have none for later. And you're going to be here forever." I closed the fridge. I sat down on the chair by the fridge defeated.
A startling realization overcame me. I came to the conclusion on my own, with no help from the Voice. I must be in Hell. Because in Hell, you have a water faucet right in front of you. Drinks in the fridge beside you, and you can't drink. It's so much more deliciously appropriate than to put you in a Hell with no water. You are put in Hell WITH water and no ability to drink it. I started to succumb to my fate.
*Lost Baggage*
GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN, STUPID! I got up and walked back to the living room. There were no more right turns. I was headed toward the couch. I can't go to the couch or I'll be in Hell. I walked past the couch toward the front door. I can't go out the front door or I'll be in Hell. I turned toward the hallway. I can't go in the hallway or I'll be in Hell. I'm back at the kitchen. Nope. Back to the Couch. Door. Hallway. Kitchen... Couch... By trying to avoid all of these places, I became aware that I was walking a spiral path whose central point was the middle of the living room.
The Voice told me that single point in the middle of the living room was to be my final resting place. I tried fighting, but there was nowhere to go. All exits were covered around me. And oddly, when I tried to change my trajectory on the spiral path from side to side, I physically could not. I could only walk forward along the spiral, or backwards along the part of the spiral I had already been on. Doing so was like watching a video tape of someone walking and then rewinding it. This was my path. I was destined for this path and it pointed to the central point in the living room. I finally gave in.
I collapsed in the middle of the spiral in the living room. Here's where I'm going to end. Thick pile carpet with a musty smell. It's really soft. Kind of nice actually. Hmmm. This isn't so bad really. Maybe Hell's not that bad. I mean, there's no fire. Maybe I'm not in H.. Then the screw started turning.
I felt like I had a giant human-sized screw driven through the top of my head and it twisted about a quarter turn with every one of my heartbeats. It started turning my head to the left. Turn. Turn. Turn. Farther and farther with each beat until my head would not turn any more. Then it started twisting my torso the other direction. Each beat another small twist of the screw. It made its way to my legs and ultimately twisted my knees and feet in the opposite direction as my head until my body physically could not contort any more. It was excruciating and I could not fight it.
A billion tons of concrete fell on me instantly, suffocating me... Locking my aching, contorted into place. I couldn't move. I could barely breathe. I saw in my mind a long rail that snaked and curved as far as existence would allow. Hanging on this rail were billions and billions of brown suit jackets. I had a coat hanger stuck through my shoulders. I became a brown suit, exactly like all of the other countless suits. I was hung up among them. A Nothing.
I experienced Eternity here. I became matter and energy floating around the Universe. I could have been there for 3 seconds or 3 lifetimes, I would have no way of knowing. The Voice came to talk to me. And for the first time in the whole ordeal, he didn't sound smug. He sounded sad.
"Well, this is where you end." he began. He sounded like someone who was reading from a script and like he had done it countless times, but no matter how many times he had given this speech, it resonated within him and caused him a sadness beyond comprehension. "The Creator may decide to use you again, or he may not. It's up to him to decide, but don't count on it. Goodbye." I was left alone. I felt for the first time in my life, no redemption, no return.... finality and utter Hopelessness.
I don't know how long I was in the floor. But I drifted in and out of the Universe for all I can think to describe as "forever." Just when my body in that position hurt so much to the point of being unbearable, it switched to pleasure. That pleasure grew and grew until I could not bear it, then it switched to pain again. This cycle continued like a fast running clock... where at midnight it switched to pain, and 6:00 it switched to pleasure and just cycled over and over forever.
*Spirals and Circles*
GET UP! JUST GET UP! The Real me beckoned briefly before his head sank below the water again. My body unlocked. I was still in the floor. I pulled myself up on the couch and sat down with my head down in my hands. What the fuck is wrong with me.
I snapped back to the body I was in. I'm sitting on the same couch. There's a loud clock ticking on the wall across from me. Everything's quiet except for Zeke and his friend passed out on the floor in front of me, both snoring. Something about this is eerily familiar. Like I've been here before. Incredible Deja Vu. I've seen this exact scene before! But how?! The couch, the clock, the guys snoring. Maybe I dreamed it before. Maybe all through your life you randomly dream of where you land when you die as some kind of sick joke, and then when you actually die and survey that familiar scene, it's confirmation that you're...
*SOS* (If you're still here, holy hell. High 5) I don't know exactly how many times I ran this Groundhog Day nightmare of a loop. My best guess would be that it took me about an hour (Earth time lol) to run the whole process. I think I may have run it more than 10 times. Each time was easier than the time before, as the Real me was able to stay above water for longer periods of time. It was 19 hours from the start of the trip to when the Real me was back in control enough to get home.
Each time around the loop followed the same thought process, but I started becoming more and more aware as time passed that I was looping. At certain critical points around the loop (like the water faucet) I would get insane feelings of Deja Vu. That feeling like "I've been here before!" to this day 18 years later still gives me mini panic attacks, like I'm going to be sucked back into Hell.
Several times around the loop, I thought about killing myself. Once, I thought if I just jump off the balcony head first, this will all end. The Voice seemed to want me to do it. Not directly, but he'd coax me and tell me that it could all be over... oh hey a knife! It was very tempting at times. But the Real me would always swim as hard as he could to the surface and yell one thing.... IF YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD, KILLING YOURSELF WON'T WORK. RIDE THIS OUT AND YOU'LL BE OKAY!!! Me saved me from me.
*Return Flight* It took a few years to get my sanity back from this experience. For those years, I constantly fought for my mind and soul. Every minute of every day. Some days I would win. It was just a trip, you're not going to Hell. Some days I would simply get behind a car with 666 in their license plate and I would lose hard.
I constantly felt this impending doom. Like someone had a gun behind my head and I was just waiting for them to pull the trigger but they never would. But the feeling that it was going to happen was still there. All the time.
In 1999, the internet was still in its infancy. I wish I'd had the resources we have today. I wish I could have read some of the things I've read in the last couple of days by you people that are much stronger and in control than I am and had your knowledge laid out before I tripped and fell.
But again, maybe it was exactly what I needed. This ordeal pretty much ended my relationship with drugs. I have a very addictive personality. I began drinking when I quit smoking, and I drank for a solid 8 years before I had the strength to quit. I'm working on my 10th year of sobriety this September. At 37, I'm on course to outlive my dad, who died at 43 from drinking his whole life. I have the most amazing wife and kids and a job that I absolutely love. I have a great life that I've worked hard for.
If you hung with me through this entire story, I truly thank you. I'm sorry if it seemed uneducated and rookie-like around the subject. It probably seems silly or stupid to most people, but it was a big deal for me to write this and address it and stop running from it. I don't feel as shaken up as I thought I would, and while I know there's always going to be some delicacies in my mind, knowing someone else may read this and unload just a little bit of the burden helps in ways I can't begin to explain.
May all your trips be golden grain. And may your Voice just not be an asshole.
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2017.04.14 06:11 lordhelmetann RESULTS: The Ultimate Metallica subreddit survey!

The Ultimate Metallica subreddit Survey Final Results

A few notes:

General Questions

What is your sex? (or how you identify yourself or bathroom you generally choose)
98.0% (500) Male
2.0% (10) Female
How old are you?
39.8% (203) 18-23
17.6% (90) 15-17
17.5% (89) 24-29
13.5% (69) 30-35
4.3% (22) 36-40
4.1% (21) 41-45
2.2% (11) 14 and under
1.0% (5) 46-50
0.0% (0) 51-55
0.0% (0) 56-60
0.0% (0) 61-69
0.0% (0) 70+
How long have you listened to Metallica?
27.5% (140) 6-10 years
20.2% (103) 1-5 years
15.9% (81) 11-15 years
11.4% (58) 16-20 years
9.0% (46) 21-25 years
6.9% (35) About 1 year
5.9% (30) 26-30 years
2.0% (10) 31+ years
1.4% (7) Under 6 months
What location do you live in?
55.5% (283) United States
9.8% (50) United Kingdom
5.5% (28) Canada
4.3% (22) Australia
1.8% (9) Germany
1.8% (9) Netherlands
1.6% (8) Argentina
1.6% (8) Denmark
1.4% (7) Ireland
1.4% (7) Norway
1.4% (7) Sweden
1.2% (6) Brazil
0.8% (4) Mexico
0.8% (4) Poland
0.8% (4) Spain
0.8% (4) Turkey
0.6% (3) Belgium
0.6% (3) Finland
0.6% (3) Portugal
0.6% (3) Slovakia
0.6% (3) Venezuela
0.4% (2) France
0.4% (2) Greece
0.4% (2) Italy
0.4% (2) Philippines
0.4% (2) Romania
0.4% (2) Saudi Arabia
0.4% (2) Singapore
0.2% (1) Austria
0.2% (1) Chile
0.2% (1) China
0.2% (1) Croatia
0.2% (1) Hong Kong
0.2% (1) Hungary
0.2% (1) Iceland
0.2% (1) India
0.2% (1) Indonesia
0.2% (1) Kuwait
0.2% (1) Latvia
0.2% (1) Macedonia
0.2% (1) New Zealand
0.2% (1) Paraguay
0.2% (1) Peru
0.2% (1) Puerto Rico
0.2% (1) Serbia
0.2% (1) South Africa
0.2% (1) Switzerland
0.2% (1) Trinidad and Tobago
0.2% (1) Virgin Islands
Do you have a job?
58.0% (296) Yes.
32.9% (168) I'm in school or too young.
9.0% (46) No.
0.0% (0) I'm retired.
Are you single/married/etc?
76.3% (389) Single
22.2% (113) Married
1.6% (8) Divorced/Separated
0.0% (0) Widowed
Do you have children?
85.5% (436) No
8.6% (44) Yes
5.9% (30) Yes. And they love Metallica too.
Do you play any instruments yourself?
39.4% (201) Yes. Guitar.
26.3% (134) No. I just enjoy listening to music.
15.1% (77) Yes. A little bit of everything.
8.6% (44) Yes. Drums.
7.6% (39) Yes. Bass.
2.4% (12) Yes. Another instrument not listed.
0.6% (3) Yes. Piano.

General Music related questions

Other than metal, what are other genres you listen to? (Select as many that apply)
Do you listen to any other metal bands outside of Metallica?
90.4% (461) Yes, I love metal.
9.6% (49) No. I really only like metal from Metallica.
As far at metal music, what are your metal sub-genres? (Select as many that apply)
Other than Metallica, if you could recommend only one musical artist or band (any genre, new or old, living or dead) to check out, who would it be?
25 Iron Maiden
24 Megadeth
20 Pink Floyd
17 Avenged Sevenfold
16 Pantera
14 Tool
12 Black Sabbath
11 Led Zeppelin
10 Dream Theater
9 Slayer
8 Gojira
7 Opeth
6 Motorhead
6 Volbeat
5 Alice In Chains
5 Ghost
5 Muse
5 Radiohead
5 Red Hot Chili Peppers
5 System of a Down
5 The Beatles
4 Between the Buried and Me
4 Lamb of God
4 Machine Head
4 Queen
4 Rush
4 Sabaton
4 Testament
3 Anthrax
3 Alter Bridge
3 Baroness
3 Billy Talent
3 Disturbed
3 Frank Zappa
3 Gorillaz
3 Havok
3 Linkin Park
3 Nirvana
3 Overkill
3 Pearl Jam
3 Slipknot
2 A Day To Remember
2 Amon Amarth
2 Atreyu
2 Coheed and Cambria
2 Corrosion of Conformity
2 Devin Townsend
2 Dire Straits
2 Flogging Molly
2 Guns N' Roses
2 In Flames
2 Judas Priest
2 Kanye West
2 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
2 Phish
2 Power Trip
2 Queens Of The Stone Age
2 Rage Against The Machine
2 Run The Jewels
2 Stone Temple Pilots
2 Sturgill Simpson
2 The Doors
2 The Sword
2 Trivium
2 Type O Negative
1 311
1 A Sound of Thunder
1 Alestorm
1 Alkaline Trio
1 All That Remains
1 Andrew Bird
1 Animals As Leaders
1 Architects
1 As I Lay Dying
1 Audioslave
1 Black Flag
1 Black Label Society
1 Blink-182
1 Blue Oyster Cult
1 Borgore
1 Breaking Benjamin
1 Celldweller
1 Chimaira
1 Chris Thile
1 Closure in Moscow
1 Clutch
1 ColdWorld
1 Corey Taylor
1 Crobot
1 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1 Death
1 Delirious
1 Demon Hunter
1 Dethklok
1 Dio
1 Dir en grey
1 Dorje
1 Down
1 Dragonforce
1 Drive-By Truckers
1 Eminem
1 Erdling
1 Eric Clapton
1 Evile
1 Exodus
1 Faith No More
1 Five Finger Death Punch
1 Foo Fighters
1 Frank Sinatra
1 Godflesh
1 Green Day
1 Hans Zimmer
1 Hawthorne Heights
1 Heaven Shall Burn
1 High On Fire
1 Infectious Grooves
1 Issues
1 Jacques Brel
1 Jeff Buckley
1 Jimi Hendrix
1 Joe Satriani
1 Johnny Cash
1 Kendrick Lamar
1 Kid Cudi
1 Killswitch Engage
1 Kiss
1 Kreator
1 Kvelertak
1 Lady Gaga
1 Leo Moracchioli
1 Lords of the Trident
1 Lost Society
1 Manowar
1 Maon Kurosaki
1 Maximum the Hormone
1 Maylene And The Sons of Disaster
1 Mercyful Fate
1 Meshuggah
1 Mick Gordon
1 Minutemen
1 Miss May I
1 Morrissey
1 Mr. Bungle
1 Mudvayne
1 Myrath
1 Nada Surf
1 Nevermore
1 Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
1 Nightwish
1 Nine Inch Nails
1 Ninja Sex Party
1 Oceans ate Alaska
1 Parkway Drive
1 Pere Ubu
1 Periphery
1 Pool Band
1 Primus
1 Prong
1 Protest the Hero
1 Rainbow
1 Rammstein
1 Randy Rhoads
1 Red Bled The Sun
1 Restless Streets
1 Rhapsody of Fire
1 Rick Astley
1 Rise Against
1 Santana
1 Saor
1 Skrillex
1 Sleep
1 Soundgarden
1 Steve Goodman
1 Stone Sour
1 Sublime
1 Sum 41
1 Synthwave
1 Tame Impala
1 The Beach Boys
1 The Black Keys
1 The Black Lips
1 The Clash
1 The Smashing Pumpkins
1 Thin Lizzy
1 Thrice
1 Tom Waits
1 Toxic Holocaust
1 Travis Scott
1 twenty one pilots
1 U2
1 Veil of Maya
1 Vektor
1 Velvet Underground
1 Watsky
1 Weezer
1 While She Sleeps
1 White Lies
1 White Zombie
1 Whitesnake
1 Whitey
1 Witch

Metallica related questions

What is the main way you listen to Metallica?
54.1% (276) Digital/MP3s
34.1% (174) Streaming
9.2% (47) CDs
2.5% (13) Vinyl
Have you ever seen Metallica in concert?
47.1% (240) Never was able to see Metallica in concert.
22.9% (117) 1 time
9.2% (47) 2 times
7.6% (39) 5-9 times
5.9% (30) 3 times
4.3% (22) 4 times
2.9% (15) 10+ times
General concert question: Do you prefer general admission or having a seat?
50.4% (257) I like standing and moving around ingeneral admission.
30.8% (157) I like having my designated area and seat if I need it.
18.8% (96) I've never been to any concert before.
Have you ever met any member of Metallica?
95.1% (485) No.
4.9% (25) Yes.
If you had the opportunity to meet only 1 current Metallica band member, who would you choose to meet?
74.1% (378) James
12.4% (63) Lars
9.6% (49) Kirk
3.9% (20) Rob
One of the biggest criticisms of Lars is he is a sloppy drummer. What do you think of Lars' drumming?
75.1% (383) He is ok. Not the best but not the worst.
15.1% (77) He can definitely use some practice.
8.8% (45) He is the best drummer.
1.0% (5) He is a bad drummer.
Kirk's heavy use of wah pedal since the black album is something many have criticized. Do you think Kirk uses the wah too much?
61.2% (312) He may overuse wah a little, but I'm used to it now.
29.4% (150) No. Love the wah!
9.4% (48) Yes. Someone take that wah away!
Everyone has an opinion on who they think is/was best bassist in Metallica. Who do you think is/was the best official band member bassist (on an official release)?
61.0% (316) Cliff Burton
23.5% (120) Jason Newsted
14.5% (74) Robert Trujillo
Metallica went after Napster, the illegal file sharing service, back in 2000. They had received a lot of backlash from some fans/others doing this. Do you think Metallica are now justified knowing what we know now?
80.2% (409) Yes. They were right. Illegal downloads have hurt the music industry.
19.8% (101) No. They were wrong to go after Napster.
Do you like Jason Newsted's latest solo project, Newsted?
57.3% (292) Never heard it.
23.3% (119) It is ok.
15.3% (78) Yes, it is great.
4.1% (21) No, I don't like it.
Are you a person that still has a problem with Megadeth?
95.7% (488) No. I'm ok with Megadeth. The feud is dead.
4.3% (22) Yes. Screw Megadeth. The feud lives on!
Do you like Metallica's concert opening theme song from the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, "The Ecstasy of Gold"?
77.8% (397) Love it.
13.5% (69) It is ok.
6.5% (33) Never heard it.
2.2% (11) No. Time to get a new song.
The "WorldWired Tour" is currently underway. How do you feel about the ticket prices?
52.7% (269) Just about right for what I'm getting.
45.5% (232) Too expensive.
1.8% (9) Pretty inexpensive for them.

Metallica's videos/films questions.

How would you rate Metallica's video "Cliff 'Em All"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.316
42.4% (216) Never Saw it.
28.2% (144) 5
21.0% (107) 4
7.1% (36) 3
1.2% (6) 2
0.2% (1) 1
How would you rate Metallica's film "A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.468
38.0% (194) Never Saw it.
35.9% (183) 5
19.6% (100) 4
6.1% (31) 3
0.4% (2) 2
0.0% (0) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "Live Shit: Binge & Purge - Seattle 1989"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.768
67.6% (345) 5
17.3% (88) Never Saw it.
11.6% (59) 4
2.9% (15) 3
0.6% (3) 2
0.0% (0) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "Live Shit: Binge & Purge - San Diego 1992"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.534
45.9% (234) 5
26.9% (137) Never saw it.
21.2% (108) 4
5.3% (27) 3
0.8% (4) 2
0.0% (0) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "Cunning Stunts"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.155
35.3% (180) Never Saw it.
28.6% (144) 5
20.0% (102) 4
14.3% (73) 3
1.4% (7) 2
0.4% (2) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "S&M"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.500
59.4% (303) 5
20.4% (104) 4
9.8% (50) Never saw it.
7.3% (37) 3
2.4% (12) 2
0.8% (4) 1
How would you rate Metallica's documentary "Some Kind of Monster"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.274
42.0% (214) 5
28.4% (145) 4
14.7% (75) Never saw it.
12.0% (61) 3
2.2% (11) 2
0.8% (4) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "Français Pour une Nuit"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.224
64.1% (327) Never Saw it.
15.5% (79) 5
13.3% (68) 4
6.7% (34) 3
0.4% (2) 2
0.0% (0) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "Orgullo, Pasión, y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.223
68.4% (349) Never Saw it.
14.5% (74) 5
10.6% (54) 4
5.5% (28) 3
1.0% (5) 2
0.0% (0) 1
How would you rate Metallica's concert video "Quebec Magnetic"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.202
43.7% (223) Never Saw it.
24.5% (125) 4
21.8% (111) 5
9.6% (49) 3
0.4% (2) 2
0.0% (0) 1
How would you rate Metallica's film "Through The Never"? (5 - Loved It, 1 - Didn't Like It)
Average Rating 4.097
30.6% (156) 5
28.0% (143) 4
23.3% (119) Never saw it.
13.7% (70) 3
3.5% (18) 2
0.8% (4) 1
For Metallica's latest album, "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct," what was your favorite music video from the album? (Note: This is not a vote for your favorite song, this is purely your favorite music video from the album.)
16.7% (85) Here Comes Revenge
15.9% (81) Spit Out The Bone
11.8% (60) Moth Into Flame
11.2% (57) Halo On Fire
9.6% (49) Murder One
7.3% (37) Never saw any of the videos.
5.3% (27) Now That We're Dead
5.3% (27) Dream No More
4.7% (24) Hardwired
3.3% (17) Atlas, Rise!
3.3% (17) Confusion
2.5% (13) ManUNkind
2.4% (12) Am I Savage?
0.8% (4) Lords of Summer

Metallica's albums related questions

What is your overall favorite era of Metallica?
76.7% (391) Old School era Metallica (1981-1990 -Kill 'Em All through ...And Justice for All)
12.9% (66) Bob Rock era Metallica (1991-2005 -Black album through St. Anger)
10.4% (53) Modern era Metallica (2006-present -Death Magnetic through now)
If you were only allowed to listen to 1 Metallica album ever again, and all the other Metallica albums were to be destroyed and wiped out of history, what is the one album you would choose to save from destruction?
32.4% (165) Master of Puppets (1986)
29.6% (151) ...And Justice for All (1988)
16.1% (82) Ride the Lightning (1984)
6.9% (35) Metallica (1991)
5.1% (26) Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016)
3.7% (19) Load (1996)
3.3% (17) Death Magnetic (2008)
2.2% (11) Kill 'Em All (1983)
0.4% (2) Reload (1997)
0.4% (2) St. Anger (2003)
If you could re-write history, what is the one album you would delete from Metallica's history as if it was never made?
64.4% (329) St. Anger (2003)
17.1% (87) Reload (1997)
6.1% (31) Load (1996)
4.7% (24) Death Magnetic (2008)
3.5% (18) Kill 'Em All (1983)
2.5% (13) Metallica (1991)
0.6% (3) ...And Justice for All (1988)
0.4% (2) Master of Puppets (1986)
0.4% (2) Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016)
0.2% (1) Ride the Lightning (1984)
What Metallica album do you think has the strongest lyric writing overall that is personally meaningful to you?
29.8% (152) ...And Justice for All (1988)
18.4% (94) Load (1996)
12.7% (65) Metallica (1991)
11.4% (58) Master of Puppets (1986)
10.8% (55) Ride the Lightning (1984)
5.5% (28) St. Anger (2003)
4.1% (21) Reload (1997)
3.5% (18) Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016)
2.5% (13) Death Magnetic (2008)
1.2% (6) Kill 'Em All (1983)
What Metallica album do you think has the best album cover artwork? (This is strictly the artwork, not the music.)
33.9% (173) Master of Puppets (1986)
30.2% (154) ...And Justice for All (1988)
15.3% (78) Ride the Lightning (1984)
5.3% (27) Death Magnetic (2008)
3.7% (19) Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016)
3.5% (18) St. Anger (2003)
2.7% (14) Kill 'Em All (1983)
2.7% (14) Load (1996)
2.0% (10) Metallica (1991)
0.4% (2) Reload (1997)
Rate Metallica's albums on a scale of 1-10 (10 = Love it, 1 = Dislike it)
9.500 Master of Puppets
9.169 ...And Justice For All
9.010 Ride The Lightning
8.559 Hardwired...To Self Destruct
8.420 Metallica (Black)
8.090 S & M
7.720 Kill 'Em All
7.716 Garage Inc.
7.512 Death Magnetic
7.092 Load
6.384 Reload
4.892 St. Anger
2.851 Lulu
Click Here For Full Albums Vote Breakdown
Do you think the production of ...And Justice For All ruins the album? (Note: This is not about the music, just the production quality.)
69.8% (356) No. I love the sound of that album.
30.2% (154) Yes. The bass should be there.
What do you think of the snare drum sound on St. Anger?
54.7% (279) I'm ok with it.
38.6% (197) Hate it.
6.7% (34) Love it.
Do you think the production of Death Magnetic was mixed too loud?
44.7% (228) Yes. But I'm ok with it.
30.2% (154) Yes. It hurts my ears sometimes.
25.1% (128) No. Sounds fine to me.

Metallica song related questions

Rate each song from every album. (10 = Love it, 1 = Dislike it)

ALL SONGS RANKED (Album Breakdowns After)
9.527 Master of Puppets
9.490 One
9.473 Fade To Black
9.402 Spit Out The Bone
9.237 Creeping Death
9.257 Blackened
9.204 Battery
9.127 Orion
8.983 For Whom The Bell Tolls
8.980 ...And Justice For All
8.978 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
8.931 Moth Into Flame
8.878 Ride The Lightning
8.835 The Unforgiven
8.786 All Nightmare Long
8.776 Halo On Fire
8.771 The Call of Ktulu
8.737 Dyers Eve
8.702 Disposable Heroes
8.631 The Four Horsemen
8.592 Wherever I May Roam
8.559 Nothing Else Matters
8.543 Harvster Of Sorrow
8.492 Atlas, Rise!
8.478 Fight Fire With Fire
8.471 Damage Inc.
8.414 Sad But True
8.398 Seek & Destroy
8.367 The Thing That Should Not Be
8.359 The Day That Never Comes
8.300 The Shortest Straw
8.280 To Live Is To Die
8.224 Whiplash
8.222 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
8.216 Dream No More
8.200 No Leaf Clover
8.149 Enter Sandman
8.094 King Nothing
8.088 Leper Messiah
8.053 Fuel
8.035 My Friend Of Misery
7.965 Hardwired
7.922 Bleeding Me
7.894 Eye of the Beholder
7.875 The Memory Remains
7.851 Now That We're Dead
7.839 Hit The Lights
7.818 The God That Failed
7.814 The Outlaw Torn
7.780 The Unforgiven II
7.771 That Was Just Your Life
7.763 Of Wolf And Man
7.727 Until It Sleeps
7.690 The Unforgiven III
7.676 Lords Of Summer
7.669 Trapped Under Ice
7.629 Holier Than Thou
7.616 Through The Never
7.582 Hero Of The Day
7.549 Suicide & Redemption
7.482 Cyanide
7.469 My Apocalypse
7.459 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth
7.421 The Judas Kiss
7.398 Broken, Beat, & Scarred
7.380 Confusion
7.355 The End Of The Line
7.353 No Remorse
7.353 Don't Tread On Me
7.339 Metal Militia
7.318 Here Comes Revenge
7.288 Jump In The Fire
7.267 Motorbreath
7.208 The Struggle Within
7.139 Phantom Lord
7.114 - Human
6.996 ManUnkind
6.990 Am I Savage?
6.949 Devil's Dance
6.918 Fixxxer
6.900 Ain't My Bitch
6.775 St. Anger
6.682 Rebel Of Babylon
6.676 Escape
6.610 Mama Said
6.592 Just A Bullet Away
6.578 Murder One
6.578 Hate Train
6.555 The House That Jack Built
6.533 Frantic
6.516 Hell And Back
6.445 Low Man's Lyric
6.443 The Unnamed Feeling
6.414 Some Kind Of Monster
6.375 Wasting My Hate
6.355 2x4
6.292 Thorn Within
6.214 Carpe Diem Baby
6.190 Where The Wild Things Are
6.006 Ronnie
5.908 Cure
5.812 Sweet Amber
5.800 Prince Charming
5.790 Better Than You
5.725 Poor Twisted Me
5.688 Bad Seed
5.616 Slither
5.533 Attitude
5.394 Dirty Window
5.214 All Within My Hands
4.994 Shoot Me Again
4.898 Invisible Kid
4.827 My World
4.682 Purify
Kill 'Em All
8.631 The Four Horsemen
8.398 Seek & Destroy
8.224 Whiplash
7.839 Hit The Lights
7.459 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth
7.353 No Remorse
7.339 Metal Militia
7.288 Jump In The Fire
7.267 Motorbreath
7.139 Phantom Lord
Ride The Lightning
9.473 Fade To Black
9.237 Creeping Death
8.983 For Whom The Bell Tolls
8.878 Ride The Lightning
8.771 The Call of Ktulu
8.478 Fight Fire With Fire
7.669 Trapped Under Ice
6.676 Escape
Master of Puppets
9.527 Master of Puppets
9.204 Battery
9.127 Orion
8.978 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
8.702 Disposable Heroes
8.471 Damage Inc.
8.367 The Thing That Should Not Be
8.088 Leper Messiah
...And Justice For All
9.490 One
9.257 Blackened
8.980 ...And Justice For All
8.737 Dyers Eve
8.543 Harvster Of Sorrow
8.300 The Shortest Straw
8.280 To Live Is To Die
8.222 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
7.894 Eye of the Beholder
Metallica (Black)
8.835 The Unforgiven
8.592 Wherever I May Roam
8.559 Nothing Else Matters
8.414 Sad But True
8.149 Enter Sandman
8.035 My Friend Of Misery
7.818 The God That Failed
7.763 Of Wolf And Man
7.629 Holier Than Thou
7.616 Through The Never
7.353 Don't Tread On Me
7.208 The Struggle Within
8.094 King Nothing
7.922 Bleeding Me
7.814 The Outlaw Torn
7.727 Until It Sleeps
7.582 Hero Of The Day
6.900 Ain't My Bitch
6.610 Mama Said
6.555 The House That Jack Built
6.375 Wasting My Hate
6.355 2x4
6.292 Thorn Within
6.006 Ronnie
5.908 Cure
5.725 Poor Twisted Me
8.053 Fuel
7.875 The Memory Remains
7.780 The Unforgiven II
6.949 Devil's Dance
6.918 Fixxxer
6.445 Low Man's Lyric
6.214 Carpe Diem Baby
6.190 Where The Wild Things Are
5.800 Prince Charming
5.790 Better Than You
5.688 Bad Seed
5.616 Slither
5.533 Attitude
St. Anger
6.775 St. Anger
6.533 Frantic
6.443 The Unnamed Feeling
6.414 Some Kind Of Monster
5.812 Sweet Amber
5.394 Dirty Window
5.214 All Within My Hands
4.994 Shoot Me Again
4.898 Invisible Kid
4.827 My World
4.682 Purify
Death Magnetic
8.786 All Nightmare Long
8.359 The Day That Never Comes
7.771 That Was Just Your Life
7.690 The Unforgiven III
7.549 Suicide & Redemption
7.482 Cyanide
7.469 My Apocalypse
7.421 The Judas Kiss
7.398 Broken, Beat, & Scarred
7.355 The End Of The Line
Hardwired...To Self Destruct
9.402 Spit Out The Bone
8.931 Moth Into Flame
8.776 Halo On Fire
8.492 Atlas, Rise!
8.216 Dream No More
7.965 Hardwired
7.851 Now That We're Dead
7.676 Lords Of Summer
7.380 Confusion
7.318 Here Comes Revenge
6.996 ManUnkind
6.990 Am I Savage?
6.578 Murder One
S & M
8.200 No Leaf Clover
7.114 - Human
Beyond Magnetic EP
6.682 Rebel Of Babylon
6.592 Just A Bullet Away
6.578 Hate Train
6.516 Hell And Back

Extra Songs Related Questions

Best Album Opener?
37.8% (193) Blackened
29.6% (151) Battery
9.4% (48) Fight Fire With Fire
6.5% (33) Enter Sandman
5.1% (26) Hit The Lights
4.1% (21) Hardwired
3.5% (18) That Was Just Your Life
2.4% (12) Fuel
1.0% (5) Ain't My Bitch
0.6% (3) Frantic
Worst Album Opener?
39.6% (202) Ain't My Bitch
31.2% (159) Frantic
7.3% (37) That Was Just Your Life
6.7% (34) Fuel
4.9% (25) Hit The Lights
3.3% (17) Enter Sandman
3.3% (17) Hardwired
2.7% (14) Fight Fire With Fire
0.6% (3) Battery
0.4% (2) Blackened
Best Album Closer?
36.3% (185) Spit Out The Bone
18.8% (96) The Call Of Ktulu
14.5% (74) Dyers Eve
11.8% (60) The Outlaw Torn
10.6% (54) Damage Inc.
3.5% (18) Fixxxer
1.8% (9) The Struggle Within
1.2% (6) My Apocalypse
1.0% (5) Metal Militia
0.6% (3) All Within My Hands
Worst Album Closer?
45.3% (231) All Within My Hands
18.2% (93) Fixxxer
11.0% (56) The Struggle Within
10.2% (52) Metal Militia
6.7% (34) My Apocalypse
4.1% (21) The Outlaw Torn
1.8% (9) The Call Of Ktulu
1.4% (7) Dyers Eve
0.8% (4) Spit Out The Bone
0.6% (3) Damage Inc.
Best Instrumental?
58.0% (296) Orion
22.5% (115) The Call Of Ktulu
14.3% (73) To Live Is To Die
4.9% (25) Suicide & Redemption
Best Studio Cover?
14.3% (73) Am I Evil? (Diamond Head)
12.9% (66) Turn The Page (Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band)
12.4% (63) Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy)
11.0% (56) Astronomy (Blue Oyster Clut)
8.6% (44) Mercyful Fate (Mercyful Fate)
6.3% (32) Breadfan (Budgie)
4.5% (23) Stone Cold Crazy (Queen)
3.9% (20) Ronnie Rising Medley (Rainbow)
3.5% (18) Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden)
2.5% (13) Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg)
2.2% (11) Last Caress/Green Hell (Misfits)
2.2% (11) When A Blind Man Cries (Deep Purple)
2.2% (11) So What (The Anti-Nowhere League)
1.8% (9) The Prince (Diamond Head)
1.8% (9) The Ecstasy Of Gold (Ennio Morricone)
1.4% (7) Tuesday's Gone (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
1.2% (6) Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath)
1.2% (6) Loverman (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
1.0% (5) Helpless (Diamond Head)
0.8% (4) The Small Hours (Holocaust)
0.8% (4) Die, Die My Darling (Misfits)
0.6% (3) The Wait (Killing Joke)
0.4% (2) It's Electric (Diamond Head)
0.4% (2) Overkill (Motorhead)
0.4% (2) Damage Case (Motorhead)
0.4% (2) Too Late Too Late (Motorhead)
0.4% (2) Killing Time (Sweet Savage)
0.2% (2) Crash Course In Brain Surgery (Budgie)
0.2% (1) Stone Dead Forever (Motorhead)
0.2% (1) The More I See (Discharge)
0.2% (1) 53rd & 3rd (Ramones)
0.2% (1) We're A Happy Familiy (Ramones)
0.2% (1) Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Ramones)
0.0% (0) Commando (Ramones)
0.0% (0) Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Ramones)
0.0% (0) Cretin Hop (Ramones)
0.0% (0) Free Speech for the Dumb (Discharge)

Indirect Metallica Related Questions

Politically, Lars and Kirk have made statements they lean liberal. James conversely has said he leans more conservative. How would you identify your political leaning?
65.5% (334) Liberal leaning
34.5% (176) Conservative leaning
James likes to hunt and has hunted all over the world. What are your opinions on hunting?
57.5% (293) I don't hunt, but I don't have a problem with it.
31.4% (160) I am against hunting for sport, but ok with hunting for food.
7.6% (39) I hunt. I don't have a problem with it.
3.5% (18) I am against all hunting.
Kirk has been very outspoken that he dislikes current United States president, Donald Trump. What is your opinion?
21.2% (108) I hate Trump and I live in the United States.
19.8% (101) I don't like Trump and I don't live in the United States.
17.1% (87) I don't like Trump and I live in the United States.
15.3% (78) I hate Trump and I don't live in the United States.
13.1% (67) I think Trump is ok and I live in the United States.
6.5% (33) I think Trump is ok and I don't live in the United States.
4.3% (22) I love Trump and I live in the United States.
1.6% (8) I know nothing about Donald Trump.
1.2% (6) I love Trump and I don't live in the United States.
Overall Negative 73.6% (374)
Overall Positive 25.1% (128)
Former Metallica lead guitarist Dave Mustaine famously said he is against gay marriage. Where do you stand on gay marriage?
92.0% (469) I'm fine with it. Anyone can marry anyone they want.
4.7% (24) I'm against it. Period.
3.3% (17) I'm against it because of my religion.
Cliff Burton was said to be a fan of marijuana (weed). What are your thoughts on marijuana legalization?
82.7% (422) Yes. It should be legal everywhere.
13.9% (71) It should be illegal for recreational use but allowed for medical use.
3.3% (17) No. It should be illegal everywhere.
There are several interpretations of what the song Blackened is about. One interpretation is that it is about man-made pollution has caused the "death of mother earth". Regardless of if that is the correct interpretation, what are your thoughts on climate change?
84.5% (431) Manmade environmental problems definitely exist and need to be addressed.
14.3% (73) It is possible that there are some manmade envionmental issues, but I have doubts on it.
1.2% (6) There is no such thing as climate change.
On the theme of the Earth, recently some have come up with the idea that the Earth is flat. Do you believe that?
97.3% (496) It is round.
1.6% (8) It is flat.
1.2% (6) No one knows.
James grew up in a very religious home. Are you religious?
62.2% (317) I am not religious at all.
28.0% (143) I believe in a higher power, but I don't practice.
9.8% (50) I am very religious.
Kirk is a horror film fanatic. The last few years some have worried he is a satanist because he wears a lot of satanic imagery. Do you think he is a satanist?
95.5% (487) No, he is just into horror.
4.5% (23) Yes, it seems like it.
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