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How do you organise your collection? (With some specific examples!)

2020.09.09 18:19 Thelintyfluff How do you organise your collection? (With some specific examples!)

I've looked at some previous threads on this topic and I imagine most people organise alphabetically, then by release date within artists.
Surnames first for solo artists, "The" ignored in band names. If you don't, how do you organise? (Autobiographically? Oh you jokers!)
If you do go alphabetically, I'm particularly interested to know how you would go about filing the following examples:
Obviously we all have our own methods, I was just curious to see the popular consensus on these. Have you come across any odd ones that made you scratch your head?
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2020.08.14 16:38 500scnds [Table] Hey Reddit! I'm songwriter and producer Nicholas Furlong. Best known for writing and performing vocals on "The Nights" by Avicii. AMA!

There was also a "guestbook" in the AMA.
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Just wondering (vis a vis "the nights"), did you father actually say any of that stuff to you? Also, love your stuff! Playing some of your other works to the family right now, thanks for reading! He did. There was a specific moment I will never forget when my dad and I were driving in his old beat up gear van and I was crying because I used to get made fun of A LOT for loving rap music as a white kid growing up, in a small hillbilly town. I was like 14 years old I think. He turned and said "Son... You can't listen to any of this. If you love what you're doing, do it unapologetically and if people make fun of you, fuck em." In the years approaching me moving to LA I also recall many convos of him saying that I'd only ever know how things would play it if I took the ride. He really gave me the courage to blindly throw myself out into the world and into the music industry with a head full of ideas and a heart full of enthusiasm.
the below is a reply to the above
I remember people making fun of you in middle school and high school (CVMS DHS) I’m glad to see that you followed your dream and found success! It’s been cool to hear The Nights and say, “I went to high school with that guy!” It’s also super cool to see someone brush off the haters and become a raging success. 👏 Skuzzard: I remember this too unfortunately. I also remember in high school that Nick was a super genuine person. He is clearly still very genuine to his passions and goals, which you may not be able to say the same about for most people from our “small hillbilly town”.
nickfurlong: For the record, I still love that small hillbilly town. It's what made me and keeps me grounded. That, and all the good life long friends I have from here!
How exactly are you compensated? Do publishing companies periodically mail you a check for your contributions? Is it done online? There are SO many ways to make money in the music business. None of them are easy unfortunately, and collecting can feel like walking backwards through a forest with your eyes closed. Here's the best way I can break it down for you:
In the United States there are three songwriting societies known as PROs (ASCAP, BMI, and CESAC). Step 1 is to register for one of these. Personally, I chose BMI. You will be given a member ID number for yourself as a songwriter (this is how they will pay you performance royalties). You will then create a publishing company with that same society, linked to your member ID, name it whatever you want to associate with you as the musician (think of it like your very own company name). Now, if you publish a song you and it starts generating money, then about 12 months after the song is released you will begin to see money being collected by the society you chose and paid to you in two ways, one as a songwriter to your songwriter account and one as a publisher to your publisher account. If you begin to create more songs that generate more income then I would advise looking into doing a publishing admin deal. This is where a third party company (ex: Kobalt Publishing) would ensure that the PROs are collecting ALL of the money your songs are earning. It's a HUGE industry with a lot of moving parts so it's easy to leave money on the table if you aren't careful. Another HUGE thing most people don't realize they can do is sign up for your SAG-AFTRA performing rights if you are an actual performer on a song. This + neighboring rights! Look into all of these.
Do you think for new artists/ bands that gaining exposure by constant gigging is a thing of the past? Not totally, but in some ways yes. I also think it HIGHLY depends on who you are as an artist. Do I think that somebody like Calvin Harris could tour less and continue to release music successfully? Yes. Do I think he would continue to be AS successful? Maybe, but touring definitely eliminates any extra doubt. Now an act like twentyonepilots. I don't see them NOT in an arena. I read an interview recently actually where Tyler Joseph had talked about the pressures to find a way to provide the same interactive experience in the age of COVID, and at the time they didn't really seem to know what to do. It will be very interesting to see how touring changes, if it all, in the future.
In the making of The Night, who did what? Lyrics? Song melody? Harmony? The song idea? Drop? :) I had originally written the verses down in my note pad and had a voice memo of the idea. I sent it to my producer friend Jordan who had been working with another friend he later introduced me to named Gabe. The three of us crafted a first draft of the song at Jordan's studio a couple of weeks later. Jordan and I then went to John Feldmann's studio to have the guitars done and I recorded my vocals with produceengineer Zakk Cervini. I sent that version to Ash blindly and he responded with some notes. We spent about another week going over notes he continued to send and making changes he asked for, and then sent them all of our files. Three months later I was sent a video of Tim playing The Nights live at a festival and I hadn't even heard the final cut yet!!! I was so nervous the song wouldn't come out or that it was all just smoke and mirrors but when I realized it was really happening, you bet your ass I buckled up hahaha.
Hi Nick. What was it like to perform at Tim's Tribute Concert this past December? How did you contain your emotions? It was difficult. I was a little choked up at certain moments and trying to contain myself emotionally. Pouring my heart out to a crowd of that size while our song was being played by all of those wonderful musicians in the house band made it all VERY real. I managed to make it until I got off the stage, and then I stood in the crowd with my fiance, a lot of my best friends, and all of the fans, and we just hugged, cried and watched the final moments together.
I'd love to hear about the logistics that went into the Avicii Tribute concert. The entire thing was a work of art, and I can't believe it was a one-off show, but had so many moving pieces! Can you tell us what the process was like preparing for the show? Was there an entire run-through or dress rehearsal type event beyond a soundcheck? And secondly... what was your favourite thing about Sweden in December? (in hindsight, thank goodness this concert happened pre-pandemic!) Honestly it was the most intense and fast paced thing I've ever been a part of. I flew to Stockholm four days before the show, had three rehearsals with the full band. One the day after I arrived at a rehearsal space, one the day before the show at the arena, and one final dress rehearsal before doors opened. Everyone that put that show on was the most professional at what they did, and we were all very aware backstage what we were doing this for so everyone down to the people securing the venue were bringing their A-game. I felt like a fighter about to go out to earn my world title leading up to my call time. I paced around the soccer team's locker room doing vocal warm ups while my manager, best friend Earl, and fiance watched in angst until the producers grabbed me and walked me to the stage. At that point I was literally walking on air and felt more adrenaline pumping through me than I'd ever experienced. I was being told to watch my steps because of electrical and pyro going off, and had to not only perform but stay mindful of those cues and crucial moments. For example, I told the show producer before I went out, "what if I ask the arena to raise their phones and sing the chant with me to close the song?" and she had the brilliant idea seconds before I propelled through the floor to turn my camera flash on and face it towards my thigh so that it wouldn't show through my pants, but I would effortlessly be able to take the phone out and create the moment. Also, right before I went out I had people running up and yelling things in my ear left and right, but I managed to step aside and pray to Tim, to personally thank him, and to say I would do my best to perform as if he were on that stage behind me... It was one of those nights you find yourself walking around the hotel room at 3 AM still trying to come down from the rush, but not wanting the moment to pass.
Fav thing about Sweden was the FOOD!!! I could eat meatballs with ligonberries the entire time I am there haha.
Do you ever feel like you don’t get enough credit for playing such an important role in the song? Sometimes, sure. But that's just the ego huffing and puffing. I don't mind that I'm not the center of attention in 99% of cases, because I really do enjoy the teamwork aspect of working on an album or a song and I truly understand and respect that it takes a village in most cases to have a success. If I'm demanding more credit for the writing side, I better be willing to give credit to the mixers, mastering engineer, radio promoter, etc...
what was Tim like as a friend and as a music producer? From everything I know, he was the kind of friend you want. We didn't get the chance to become very close, and I really wish we had more time once he slowed down. As a music producer he was dedicated to his craft, and at always getting better. He was fearless in pushing the envelope of his own music, and inspired by a world of taste and diversity. He also was SO prolific, and had a keen sense of identity in the way he wrote and produced a song. I found those to be some of the things that stood out the most to me.
Any plans on collaborating with Kygo? He's recently been collaborating with artists who've worked with Avicii (Zak Abel, Zac Brown, Joe Janiak, Sandro Cavazza etc). Would love to see you two make a song together. So funny you mention it haha. I actually wrote two songs on that album! I co-wrote and co-produced the Zac Brown song and co-wrote "Say You Will" with Petey and Patrick. I've also been working with Kygo's Palm Tree Crew since this year which has ultimately gotten me back into dance music a great deal.
What's your favorite song you worked on? This is such a tough question because the music I've made is like timestamps to my life. A way to recall time periods, good or bad, that lead me to a thought or a feeling that lead to a song. If I DID have to choose, I'd say most recently it's the song "Someday" I just did on Kygo's new album 'Golden Hour'
Hi! I’m an electronic music producer as well. What’s the best way to get exposure (besides spamming self-promo)? How can I get put on big playlists and get more people to see my music? That's really tough. It's such an overly saturated market these days and digital music and music distributors are now making it easier for anyone to release music. I would say just be as clever as possible in your creations and how you roll them out, build a loyal fan base that provides your project with a base level of support, and make you as an artist more interesting than everything within 100 miles of you. Knowing that people are probably not going to pay attention at first, accepting that, and choosing to work for the attention you want is what gets people to notice you IMO.
What do you feel when you reflect upon the lyrics in The Nights after Tim passed? Grateful. I am SO grateful for that experience and for the opportunity it gave me to really establish myself in the industry. I also will never forget sitting in my studio that April morning when I found out and I was just gutted. I couldn't walk past the plaque in our house without getting an ominous feeling for months. I just hated that I shared this HUGE thing with another person and he was torn out of the picture before I could really share how much that meant to me with him. Today though, I am nothing but grateful for that song and for the work he put in during his time here with us.
What’s the record you’re working on at home about? I started writing an album of songs that I am writing ironically as fun summer songs, but they're all sort of metaphors with deeper meaning highlighting the heat of living in America right now, so to speak. I'm producing it to be a lot more modern and in your face, with a lot of dark /industrial / grunge undertones. Excited to actually share some soon!
Do you ever have prolonged periods of writer's block? Do you ever get too critical of your work causing you to abandon a song/idea? Yes and yes. So normal. My longest I think was 7 months with just folders and folders of bad ideas haha. That sentence in and of itself tells you everything you need to know. Best way I've learned to deal with it is to pay attention to my life and make sure I'm not too stressed out in other aspects, or that I'm not working too much and not giving myself time off, etc.. Stay self-aware, and don't force creativity. It's like walking on a broken ankle.
What was it like working with Walk the Moon? Are they as positive and good of people as they come across in shows and on social media? Which songs did you work on? I have only ever worked with Nicholas, but he is definitely such an insanely talented, fun loving guy and a great energy to be around. I know all of those guys are super talented though and a good hang. I worked on Back 2 U with Steve Aoki and Boehm and we also wrote a song for Kygo and Zac Brown together as well.
hello first i want u to know that i really love “The Night”, i want to ask you how what its feel like that your vocal is uncredited in this song, so not many people can discover you. (for me example, i knew you after your tribute performance). is there another song with you as uncredited vocal?? Thanks for your question! I am credited on the song for vocals and songwriting, but what I think you want to know is if it bothers me that I'm not a featured artist vocally. It definitely doesn't. To me, "The Nights" was always much bigger than any one of us. It was a story that felt like all of us when we made it. I haven't done any other uncredited vocal work, but you can view most of my other work on my web-site. I've also begun to realize that there are a few people who would enjoy me putting out a project, so I've taken that to heart and started working on a musical piece of me to leave in the world.
How did you get involved with working with 311 on Voyager? Can you share what your experience was like during your time working with them? I've known Nick Hexum for the longest time so when they began working with John Feldmann, another long time friend and collaborator who brings me in to write a lot, he suggested it.
Edit: Forgot to answer second question... I LOVE working with those guys. Nothing but good energy. Writing with them was like going to hang with your boys for three hours and at the end you have a song to show for it.
Do you ever get writers block? If so, how do you get past it? DO I EVER!... In my experience with writer's block it's either because I'm working too much or I'm just not inspired musically. In most cases it lasts a few weeks because I've learned how to push through it, but in severe cases I'll stare at my Pro Tools for months and hate everything I start before I can even figure out what it is. The trick is, get up, walk away. Go do something else, and come back to it. If it still isn't clicking, move on and come back to it later. The only thing worse than not having an idea is forcing one IMO.
What are some useful tips that can be used to write a some good lyrics? Besides the obvious ones Think what you wanna say. Now try to say it in ways that nobody else has before that you know of. Challenge yourself to try and write the song almost as if you're solving a puzzle poetically.
Of people you worked with, who used too much chain compression in their bass? Definitely me hahahahaha.
If you could go back in time and give a younger version of yourself one piece of key advice, what would it be? Not to be so hard on myself. I'm starting to get to an age where I'm a lot more confident and comfortable in myself. The music industry can definitely instill a lot of insecurity in you as a young person, so it's so important to remember why you're doing it and not who you're doing it for.
Never heard the song.. Great, now I am getting all teary-eye'd. My pops passed away a few years ago, so this hit me a bit hard. How the hell am I going to get back to work now? (BTW, lovely song.) I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom a little over 8 years ago so I know the emotional bubble up all too well haha. Sending my love to you and your family and thank you for sharing!
Edit: Added some friendly encouragement... If you can, take the rest of the day off or just try to make a little time to go do something that makes you happy!
irst things first, your performance at the tribute concert was amazing! How was it like to work with Tim? How was he as a producer? How much time did it take to create the absolute banger that was The Nights? Any other collabs you did with him? Thank you so much! What an unforgettable experience for all of us. We never got to work one on one believe it or not. We did everything remote at that time as his itinerary was seemingly non-stop at that time. He was a magician though. When I listen back to the demo vs the actual recording you can very easily hear the magic in his contributions. That was the only one we ever did together.
I am a longtime 311 fan and saw your name credited on some of their songs on their last album. I see you have already answered how you got involved with them, but can you walk us through your specific contribution to a song or 2? Sure. The first song we wrote was "Dodging Raindrops" at John Feldmann's house. We sat around the kitchen table and drank coffees while John played guitar and we all took turns improvising lyric and melody ideas. Once we had a little working lyric and idea we threw it down in John's studio and Nick and Aaron started recording that day. It was very collaborative. Then for a totally different process on "Space and Time," Nick sent me the instrumental on e-mail and I recorded a little scratch demo of a song idea. He cherry picked some of the lyrical and melody parts he liked out of my ideas and then ran it. Such a fun and easy going process. No stress when I'm working with those dudes!
If you wrote it, performed vocals, and produced it, why is it not "The Nights" by Nicholas Furlong? Because I wrote it to pitch to other artists, since that's what I do as a writeproducer. My vocals were originally a demo reference, and when I sent to Avicii they just decided to keep me on. I even asked about possibly having someone else sing it with a noteworthy name and they declined. So I decided rather than "who the hell is this guy" being the focus, I'd just let the focus lie on Avicii putting out a new song, and not get all bent about not being a featured artist. Just wasn't as important to me to be the big cheese as to others I guess.
I’ve always wondered , do famous ppl use or have access to their social media? Like are they actually opening their social Apps and looking at comments , dm’s etc it is it more just a branding tool? Also, what’s something that “regular” people do around famous ppl that’s really cringy? What’s something they do that’s interpreted as chill? I never know how to act around famous ppl. Like - is the polite thing to just treat them as anybody else? People are more than their accomplishments and social status. Just remember that knowing OF somebody doesn't mean actually knowing them. The more blatantly obvious you make it, the more uncomfortable it will be for everyone.
What artists are some of your biggest musical inspirations? These vary from time to time but some of the staples that never change would be 2Pac, Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mark Ronson, Quincy Jones, and Jose Gonzalez off the top of my head.
Hi Nick! I saw that you said that you collaborate a lot remotely, so have you felt an impact in regards to your songwriting/production process at all due to Covid while working on your new record? Or is it pretty much business as normal for you? Thanks! In some ways it's business as normal. I'm still very capable of getting the work done, but a LOT of the magic I love in making music is in the collaboration that takes place in the room. It just isn't the same on Zoom haha. I'm in talks now to possibly produce another Papa Roach album and we are talking about doing a test and then recording remote while quarantining to be able to achieve that "in the room" magic.
How are you faring after aviccis death? How are you honoring his memory? I am continuing to do exactly what we glorified in our song. To live my life to the absolute fullest and find ways to really love your purpose daily. Maybe you don't have a lot of money, or you live in an area where there isn't much going on... It never meant copy this guy's lifestyle or passion... It meant find your own, and then never stop tangling with that.
I just wanted to thank you for the song "The Nights", it has been my favorite song for a very long time. If you were to see Avicii once again, what would you ask/say to him? Thank you for changing my life forever.
How much of “The nights” did you create, what was Tim’s influence in this track? Did you send him a demo without a drop lead? Did he write any lyrics for it? Thanks so much for this! The song was pretty much done other than the drop when I sent it to Ash.
Do you accept lyrics and instrumental tracks instead of full demos from people online , since I can’t sing very well? I definitely listen to instrumental submissions but I don't really take lyric submissions. That's just something I prefer to keep sacred to my own story. Even if I'm co-writing, part of my identity is in the pot and that's what makes it feel a little more like a piece of me.
What inspires you when writing lyrics? Do you have a favorite song you've heard this year? A lot of my writing is really personal. I love visualizing my songs like a story being read aloud to a room of people. I can be very OCD when it comes to lyrics not making sense next to each other, ESPECIALLY a chorus. One of my favorite songs right now is "People" by the 1975.
[deleted] Figure out what YOU sound like and use that as the blueprint to shape who you are as an artist.
Whats your favourite part in the industry you work in? The stuff like this. All of the tough stuff is in the creating, and networking, and perseverance. The part where you get to just enjoy the creation with others, and then talk about why we love this wonderful thing called music together and bond over the songs that helped us through bad times or remind us of great times, THAT is my favorite part.
The Nights was so great, but I have not heard you on any other tracks! Is there any reason why? Also, have you ever considered writing for Hip Hop or R&B? I haven't done too many features, as I have always sort of enjoyed being a behind the scenes guy. I did a feature once with Steve Aoki and Rune RK called "Bring You To Life" that was released a few years ago. I'm definitely keen on doing more, and especially releasing my own project finally.
2 Questions: Did you have any fun experiences working for Aioki or Papa Roach, like hanging out with them or was it all just business? How do celebrities even contact you? Are they noticing you on the world stage and think ,,damn, I need that guy to help me,, or do you apply for their cooperation? AB, SO, LUTELY!!! I love those guys! Aoki and I performed at the Shrine Expo in 2013 and broke two Guinness World Records. We had some great talks in the interim of all the chaos. Also Papa Roach is like an extended family to me now. When you spend enough time with somebody doing something as personal as making music, you definitely start to feel like a family.
I don't think they seek me, and I don't seek them. Paths just cross as they do at times, and I follow my instincts if the passion is there.
this song speaks to me. Is it based on your real life? It is! So glad you were able to relate to it. Hope you enjoy your day!
How did you get your start? And what brought you to where you are now? I had the determination to be somebody that mattered in the world of music, and a lot of people telling me I couldn't was the driving force.
Do you ever just play music for fun without any other goals or without recording it? What style music do you like to play to yourself? All the time!!! I love doing this. It's such a healthy exercise to keep your creative juices going. I have hard drives of so many songs, some REALLY good, some God awful, that will probably only see the light of day amongst family, friends, and peers because they were just impulse ideas for fun. As for style, I am definitely a melting pot since I listen to pretty much every genre and find inspiration in different parts of each.
Are you currently working on any fun collaborations you can share? One of my favorite ones recently is a song I wrote with Nicholas Petricca of WALK THE MOON that Zac Brown sang vocals on for Kygo's new album. Talk about a room full of extraordinary talent haha. I felt pretty honored to be in that company. Another is a song I wrote and co-produced called "Supremacy" for a band named FEVER 333. I did that one with John Feldmann, Travis Barker, and with a little help from the punk rock queen Debbie Harry for letting us reimagine her song "Rapture"
What do you think about The Days and do you have any relation in the making of it? I personally preferred the Brandon Flowers version because I am a huge fan of The Killers. Unbias opinion though, it's a beautiful song! The first time I heard him playing the demo out in his live shows I just remember it putting me and one of my best friends who is an avid Avicii fans in the best mood.
Edit: for clarification, I had no involvement in the making of "The Days."
What DAW(s) do you find you and/or your collaborators working with most of the time? I use Pro Tools and have always been on that grind. The others I think I come across the most are Cubase and Ableton. If I had to make a switch I'd go to Cubase because I think it's just better for tracking live instruments and vocals. Ableton for programming is AWESOME, just not the best for editing IMO.
Would you collaborate with Kygo on any future projects? So funny I keep seeing this question. I actually worked on both "Someday" and "Say You Will" from his latest 'Golden Hour' album!
Would you be open to working with small time illustrators/graphic designers? Been a big fan of your work and would love a chance to reach out and collaborate! absolutely! [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) is where public submissions for music / art / general inquiries usually go.
Did you play The Nights for your dad? What was his reaction? I did. He was very aware of the entire process. When the record was certified Gold in the US by the RIAA I ordered him a plaque in his name to fulfill his lifelong dream of having a gold record.
musicians like you are earning money like a puzzle, a little bit here, a bit of publishing there, a little session fee there. how would you say your average salary is combined of? what are some ingredients that pay way more/less than one would expect? This is such a technical and GOOD question, so thank you. In my personal experience I would say that areas like mechanical royalties and neighboring rights are where a bulk of additional money is made. The biggest issue with publishing is that there are lesser collection amounts in the digital streaming era, and the time it takes to collect is at least 12 months after your release begins earning.
Hi! We grew up in the same town, it’s crazy to see you on the front page of Reddit. I’ve always been really interested in working on the business side of the music industry (A& marketing) and generally fascinated by songwriting. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve admired your career and always seen you as an example that it IS possible, even if you start out in small town NV. :) I’m just starting out in the professional world but hopeful I’ll find my way to music in some capacity. Any tips for those who are not “connected” or lacking entertainment industry experience? Keep it up :) No way! I'm up at North Shore right now, so wave haha! I'm so glad to hear that you've taken such an interest in the industry and the songwriting process. Appreciate the kind words and thank you for sharing! We all gotta pull ourselves from the mud, being from a small town just means your mud might be a little deeper. If you push yourself towards that trajectory I have no doubt that we'll cross paths one day. Network, network, network. Do your research. Know who works with who in the industry. Familiarize yourself with all things industry related. Do not be afraid to ask questions or "feel" stupid for not knowing things. I have been doing this for 11 years and I honestly still have no idea what I am doing, I just keep showing up and working to get better haha.
I've heard some artists say that their inspiration comes from some kind of invisible thing outside themselves, making it sound to me like some sort of spiritual experience. Have you ever experienced anything like that, as an artist? I've felt that only two times in my life. One time when I made a song that was inspired by the Kurt Cobain 'Montage of Heck' documentary, and another when I spent a week working at the C Room in Abbey Road. The music I left with sounded to me like somebody else spent the week writing songs in my body.
[removed] Absolutely. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I check for submissions weekly.
Do you ever feel isolated? People obviously know who you are, I don't listen to music and even I know you. Do you ever feel like people treat you differently and how has that affected you, if so? I only ever experienced a little bit of this after "The Nights." It's easy to let your mind get carried away when you work in any sort of high profile industry. I think reading too much into that stuff is really unhealthy though. Unless you're some mega superstar, I don't think people really care THAT much.
Is Soundcloud the best way to promote music from new producers? Trying to get back in the game. Definitely not. Get yourself a Tunecore and release some stuff on Spotify. Create an artist page and showcase your talents. The professionalism of sending THAT link over a soundcloud is unmatchable.
Nicholas Furlong, eh? Can we call you Nick fer short? These are the nicknames I am here for.
You’ve been behind some of my favorite songs but I’m curious how’s your Dream artist to work with? I would LOVE to work with The Killers, The Gorillaz, or Tom Morello.
What's the background thought over the song "The Nights" how the lyrics for that song came in your head? The conversations I grew up having with my dad as a kid with stars in my eyes... And the feeling of doing exactly what I said I was going to, making music and traveling the world doing what I love to do, and what he encouraged me to stick with.
Do you earn more if a song you helped with gets famous? The more people buy and stream the song, the more income the song generates, so yes.
You say you got teased for liking rap in a small hillbilly town. I’m genuinely curious if you liked Tupac? His writing style was beautiful. I immediately thought if he may have had a positive influence on your writing. ABSOLUTELY. He was hands down my biggest influence as a kid. Hence why nobody understood it. I learned so much about black American culture and what the struggle and the streets were really about from that. My mom also grew up in Richmond, CA so I had her explaining things in the music and driving me through her old hoods as a kid to appreciate what Pac was saying and to understand that he wasn’t glorifying these things, he was talking about that life experience. Matching his cadence, style, and rhythm when I’d sing along to his music were what taught me to ride a beat when I started writing my own music.
Hey Nick, thank you for doing this! As an aspiring songwriter, I do have a couple of questions: First, what is the best way to self-produce? At the moment, I'm looking for programs that I can use to arrange rough demos for some of my songs. Also, I'm curious how you get inspired to write music. Often I'll just find inspirations at random times, but is there a way to get these inspirations more often? I'd say try some demos of software to find what works for you, also maybe try to use Splice to get the hang of a process or find obscure and cool samples to make your own. There is ZERO trick to inspiration. No action, or process, or pill that will work universally. What works for some, doesn't for others. This is why it's so important to find what is inspiring specifically for you.
Hey Nick! I'm learning guitar. I just like the sound of it and play random things in open tunings. I really want to understand it better. Is there any good way of learning? ps: I like finger picking and trying to learn ocean by john butler and few other songs of him. Honestly, just practice practice and more practice. I don't play any instruments traditionally. Everything I play is by ear, sometimes well, sometimes barely good enough to get by. The main thing is, I'm chucking shit around my studio to make cool noises and record cool parts and having so much fun doing it.
What is the most exciting part about working with someone on a track? How long does it take for a song to be finished normally? The difference of perspective in a collaboration is really cool for me. I get to see how somebody else might envision a song sounding while it's being made. It depends. Sometimes it's done in an hour and we all enjoy the rest of our day, or it takes 8 hours, and multiple days.
What advice would you give to people from countries where music isn't as mainstream and an established profession who still want to involved in some way? I know it sounds crazy, but I would personally probably dream as big as building a team of creatives and executives to create some sort of musical coalition and try to establish a big interest in that region.
What are some workflow, and general productivity tips you could give to a young music producer? Keep a 4D work flow... 4Ds are deleting, delegating, deferring, and doing. Either do the job because you know you can do it well, delegate others to help you finish the job, defer the job to another, or simply delete the opportunity if you cannot deliver.
When are we gonna collab again? It's been over 20 years LOL. This is Sho-Down. Proud of you man, you've come a long way, not many of us left from the old days. So much love for you brother! I would love to work together. So sick we stayed in touch!
No idea you had work with All Time Low, what have you done with them? I co-wrote "Runaways" and "Don't You Go" from Future Hearts, and then co-wrote and co-produced "Dirty Laundry", "Nice2KnoU", "Nightmares", and "Afterglow" on Last Young Renegade.
What would you say was your first big break? I think starting by working under Ryan Tedder's wing definitely helped beef up my chops, and then I'd say maybe 5 Seconds of Summer's debut album was my biggest mainstream success.
Since how long have you like music, and how did you pursue your current career? I knew I wanted to make music from the age of about 15, so I started then and was professionally working at it by age 23.
What music did you collaborate with blink-182 on? I wrote a song with the guys called "Good Old Days" that was released on the California Deluxe.
Why does your painting look like a yu-gi-yoh card? My fiancé painted it randomly and I just loved it so I put it up in my home studio.
Are you sure you aren't just Nick Miller trying to impress Reagan so she'll move into your apartment? Nicholas For Long.
kungfu_unicorn: Hi Nick! You probably won't remember me, but I briefly dated you when I was in high school. Anyway I have to ask you a question or I'll get deleted, so, when do you project your album coming out? What genre is it gonna be? Welcometothejungle: I dated him too! kungfu_unicorn: STOP that is hilarious 😂 youtube.com/watch?v=Ueh5hrUGpZw
Who? wrong sub... Owls
How's Ed doing? Hopefully alive and thriving.
What did you have for breakfast today? Coffee
Hi Nick. HUGE fan here! Hey who makes your favorite VST instruments and plugins? Do you use any as 'workhorse' channels, or do you just use acoustics (piano, guitar etc.) to get something down solid and then graduate from there based on feel? Also, for adding vocals --what is your approach to developing melody? Do you go by heart until you find something that feels right or are you more methodical (picking a mode, playing around with melodies on piano beforehand etc.) Sorry for the detail but I want to steal your secrets! Haha just kidding (not really.) Thanks Fuzzlewhack!
I've been trying to do a lot more with hardware to get imperfections in my recordings or happy accidents as we like to call them. If I'm using VST instruments I'm using Omnisphere, Diva, Serum, Kontakt with my own sample library, or PLAY (for East West orchestra stuff). As far as plugins I'm really into right now, RC-20 Retro Color and FutzBox. Thank me later ;)
Edit: To answer your question about melody. I just kind of hear something in my head and tinker with it and try singing ideas over it or whatever. Sometimes I only hear chords and I can't for the life of me hear a top line melody, but other times I have an entire song mapped out in my head and I sound like some sort of manic lunatic trying to get it all out of my head and into the computer without losing the vision.
What was it like working with 311? Did you all smoke anything while recording? We didn't. Just had a good time making music with buds!
Hi Nicholas, I love "The Nights" it is one of my all time favourites! Who approached who at the start and how long did you guys spend on the song? I approached Ash, and we spent about three months making it til it was in it's final state.
Hey Nick! What’s your song writing process? I really want to make music but find it so hard to write catchy hooks, and choruses! Any tips? Math! Repetition in the right places, bravery in others. A hook for me is a reflex. When I sing something and my body physically leans into it and I have a smile on my face then I know I am chasing the right dragon.
I'm an aspiring music producer, and i find it strange that some artists work with producers and release their songs under their own name and brand, but other artists work with producers and release songs under the producer's name.. Could you enlighten me? Is it just "whoever has a larger audience"? Not really. I think people fail to realize that producers and songwriters LOVE doing what they do, but being an artist means touring it all, the radio morning shows, the promo and press, it’s such a different grind and hard to stay writing and creating in those environments. I decided 11 years ago that sharing my music with the world meant sharing it with other collaborators who put their own touch on the work and then it releases as a part of something bigger than just a self-contained song. One of my favorite things about co-writing is discovering all of the things you wouldn’t have done creatively that others suggested. To me, not being the face of my songs isn’t a big deal because it isn’t and has never been about that. It’s about seeing the song go the distance and the message be received and cherished by so many. THAT feeling is better than any pat on the head.
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2020.07.30 00:46 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Taylor Swift - folklore

Taylor Swift - folklore

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Republic
Genre: Singesongwriter, Folk Pop, Chamber Pop
Singles: n/a (surprise release)
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Google Play
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. Taylor Swift - folklore
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2020.07.29 12:45 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers

Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Castle Face
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, Synth Punk
Singles: I Tried, Sold America
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. The Naked and Famous - Recover / Jessy Lanza - All the Time / Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. if there's any releases for the week (or in general) that may be of interest missing from the schedule either PM me or leave a comment somewhere and i'll add it.
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2020.07.29 12:45 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Jessy Lanza - All the Time

Jessy Lanza - All the Time

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Hyperdub
Genre: Alternative R&B, Synthpop, UK Bass
Singles: Face, Anyone Around
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. The Naked and Famous - Recover / Jessy Lanza - All the Time / Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. if there's any releases for the week (or in general) that may be of interest missing from the schedule either PM me or leave a comment somewhere and i'll add it.
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2020.07.29 12:45 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] The Naked and Famous - Recover

The Naked and Famous - Recover

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Somewhat Damaged
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop, Dance-Pop
Singles: Come As You Are, Death
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Google Play
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. The Naked and Famous - Recover / Jessy Lanza - All the Time / Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. if there's any releases for the week (or in general) that may be of interest missing from the schedule either PM me or leave a comment somewhere and i'll add it.
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2020.07.28 18:00 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen

Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Black Focus
Genre: Nu Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Spiritual Jazz
Singles: Hold On (feat. Lauren Faith), One More Time
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. The Naked and Famous - Recover / Jessy Lanza - All the Time / Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. if there's any releases for the week (or in general) that may be of interest missing from the schedule either PM me or leave a comment somewhere and i'll add it.
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2020.07.28 17:59 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum

George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum

Release Date: July 24th
Label: 100% Electronica
Genre: Chillwave, Synthpop, Trip Hop
Singles: Out of the Blue, Under your Window
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. The Naked and Famous - Recover / Jessy Lanza - All the Time / Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. if there's any releases for the week (or in general) that may be of interest missing from the schedule either PM me or leave a comment somewhere and i'll add it.
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2020.07.28 17:59 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Katie Dey - mydata

Katie Dey - mydata

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Run for Cover
Genre: Indietronica, Chamber Pop, Art Pop
Singles: dancing, happiness
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. Katie Dey - mydata / George Clanton & Nick Hexum - George Clanton & Nick Hexum / Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen
Wed. The Naked and Famous - Recover / Jessy Lanza - All the Time / Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. if there's any releases for the week (or in general) that may be of interest missing from the schedule either PM me or leave a comment somewhere and i'll add it.
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2020.03.02 20:12 1913intel Diet and Nutrition Articles for the Last Year from MensHealth.Com

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  273. The Best Ways for Men to Lose Weight After 50
  274. The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper - Diet and Workout
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2019.08.27 11:07 orange3cparts MacBook Pro 13-inch (2019) Review

The "MacBook Pro Lite" is no much more. At the very least that's what I've been calling the entry-level MacBook Pro 13-inch during the last couple of years. It had an old 7th-gen processor, no Touch ID or Touch Bar, and acdp 240e02 a questionable keyboard.The new MacBook Pro 13-inch for 2019 (starting at $1,299, $1,499 as tested) packs a significantly more rapidly 8th gen Intel Core CPU and both Touch ID as well as the Touch Bar. And even though the keyboard still isn't fantastic, Apple has introduced minor enhancements which will (hopefully) make it extra reliable. Add in additional than ten hours of battery life and you possess the greatest Apple laptop for many people-at least those who want a future-proof method.
Apple's recent revamp of its MacBook lineup tends to make it a lot easier to know the target audiences for Apple's laptops. And together with the release of your new 13-inch 1.4GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro, Apple also created it a lot easier to choose a 13-inch model.It's less difficult now mainly because you don't must decide if you're prepared to sacrifice any capabilities when selecting an entry-level model more than the higher-end ones. Prior to the j1knd 11.1 v 48wh dell newly-updated base model was released, there was a division inside the four 13-inch models. Apple presented two entry-level models without the Touch Bar, and two high-end models with it. (The entry-level models had been missing some other characteristics, at the same time, however the major missing feature was the Touch Bar). So when it came down to choosing a 13-inch MacBook Pro, you had to consider no matter whether you were prepared to offer up some capabilities for the reduced cost.
The "MacBook Pro Lite" is no much more. At the very least that is what I've been calling the entry-level MacBook Pro 13-inch more than the 0a001 00390000 final couple of years. It had an old 7th-gen processor, no Touch ID or Touch Bar, and also a questionable keyboard.
The new MacBook Pro 13-inch for 2019 (starting at $1,299, $1,499 as tested) packs a significantly more rapidly 8th gen Intel Core CPU and both Touch ID as well as the Touch Bar. And when the keyboard nevertheless is not great, Apple has introduced minor enhancements that could (hopefully) make it far more reputable. Add in a lot more than 10 hours of battery life and apple cinema display 30 power supply you have got the top Apple laptop for most people-at least those who want a future-proof technique.This is going to sound like a broken record, but Apple seriously must shake points up around the design front. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has sported the same aesthetic for years. It is a handsome and elegant appear, for positive, having a strong unibody aluminum chassis.
It has exactly the same dimensions as the high-end 13-inch MacBook Pro that we reviewed in 2018, measuring just 14.9mm thick, 304mm wide, and 212mm deep, and asus chromebook flip c101pa charger having a weight of 1.37kg (in comparison with 1.25kg for the MacBook Air). The 13.3-inch Retina show has exactly the same two,560-by-1,600 resolution (227dpi) as prior to, but-like all of Apple's current laptops-now includes the True Tone feature that automatically adjusts the colour balance to match modifications in ambient lighting.
More importantly, this update brings the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro much more as much as date with an 8th generation, quad-core Core i5 processor instead of the dual-core processor utilized in its predecessor, although the modest 1.4GHz clock speed and Iris Plus 645 integrated graphics do leave a considerable stretch of clear blue water amongst this model and dell adapter pa 12 the rest in the MacBook Pro variety. And one particular fairly visible difference setting it apart is the fact that this entry-level model only has two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, in lieu of the four ports found on all other MacBook Pro models.
Those function keys are now gone. I'm personally not a fan of your Touch Bar, I much favor the regular function keys mainly because they may be physical buttons I can press and interact with, but the Touch Bar is what surface laptop 2 charger you make of it, although. It is possible to do lots of the fundamental functionalities on a MacBook Pro like adjust the screen brightness and volume, but it is possible to also promptly choose out an emoji, or scrub by way of a YouTube video in Safari. If you are applying 1st celebration pro apps like Final Reduce Pro X or Logic, the Touch Bar can provide you with shortcuts for your editing tools to help you make edits faster.
Apple's MacBook Pro line has turned out to become one of probably the most controversial tech products of your previous couple of years. Beyond the alienware 15 r4 charger already-mentioned keyboard, the last significant design and style revision ditched all ports save for USB-C and traded the common row of function keys for the Touch Bar on the higher-end models. That final function has now made it towards the entry-level MacBook Pro, leaving only the MacBook Air with physical keys for brightness, volume, and escape in Apple's lineup.
The base configuration in the MacBook Pro 13 comes with an 8th Gen Core i5 quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. I'd strongly recommend upgrading that storage to 256GB for $200 much more, considering the fact that dell inspiron 1545 charger it's not feasible to boost it after the truth. As an upgrade choose towards the MacBook Air, it does mean spending fairly a bit much more over the very base model Air-but you'd be spending additional to acquire that quantity of storage around the Air anyway.
Whether you're a inventive pro or you just appreciate a stellar image, the 2560 x 1600-pixel Retina Show around the 13-inch MacBook Pro is one of the very best I've noticed on any laptop.When watching the 4K trailer for The Lion King on this laptop, I could make out individual wisps of fur on Simba's paw as he placed it on the wd15 power adapter muddy footprints of his father, and the sweeping African vista looked beautiful with its pale blue sky and sun-dappled baobab tree in vibrant green.Irrespective of whether you happen to be a creative pro or you simply appreciate a stellar picture, the 2560 x 1600-pixel Retina Show around the 13-inch MacBook Pro is among the most effective I've observed on any laptop.
The MacBook Pro's panel also impressed in our labs, because it registered an incredibly fantastic 163% in the color gamut as well as a vibrant 441 nits. That MacBook Air's screen is very good, but it is dimmer and covers significantly less of the dell la180pm180 colour spectrum (100%/343 nits). The 1080p version with the Dell XPS 13 (126%/357 nits) also falls behind the MacBook Pro, as does the 4K show model (119%/375 nits. The screen on the HP Spectre x360 (150%/287 nits) is about as colorful because the MacBook Pro but notably dimmer.
Here could be the largest cause to have the 13-inch MacBook Pro over the 2019 MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro packs a much quicker quad-core, 8th-generation Core i5 processor (U series), compared using the weaker dual-core Core i5 chip (Y Series) in the Air.There is a quite stark distinction regarding real-world efficiency.Take our video-editing test, in which we transcode a 4K clip to 1080p. It took the la130pm121 MacBook Pro just 14 minutes and 42 seconds, compared with 36 minutes around the Air. By comparison, the Dell XPS 13 took 19:20 as well as the HP Spectre x360 22:30.In every day use, I identified the MacBook Pro extremely responsive. Even with 22 tabs open in Chrome, the Rapidly & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw trailer started streaming instantly. And that was with Slack, Skype and Pixelmator also running inside the background.
The other important feature that is produced its way down from the much more expensive MacBook Pro models is quad-core processors. The MacBook Pro I tested has a quad-core, eighth-generation Intel Core i5 clocked at 1.4GHz; Turbo Boost can kick factors up to 3.9GHz under heavy loads. That is a big step forward from the P000697100 dual-core, seventh-generation i5 that the entry MacBook Pro had just before. And as I noted previously, it's an even more significant advantage more than the MacBook Air, which uses Intel's lower-power Y-series processors. It's far a lot easier to push these processors for the limits-so if your requirements extend beyond basics like web browsing, video, music, chat and so on, the new MacBook Pro will be a lot snappier.
While the entry MacBook Pro's processor is clocked a lot slower than the far more expensive options (1.4GHz vs. two.4GHz), that distinction didn't slow me down in practice. Given that Apple is targeting it at college students and a lot more general-purpose users, going with a much less powerful option is not a big surprise. Most of what I do isn't terribly intense, but we all know that modern web browsing with Asus S551LN Battery a dozen or extra tabs can still put the hurt on an otherwise powerful computer. Pros who make their living editing photos and videos or coding large projects will probably want to spend their money on a more rapidly MacBook Pro. But enthusiasts who like to push their computers a bit will find they have additional room for that with this new Pro in comparison to the Air.
The dual speakers that flank the keyboard on the MacBook Pro produce rich and nuanced sound, as I discovered when streaming "What The from 311. The swirling guitars and pulsing beat had been powerful devoid of overwhelming the 90v7w dueling vocals from S.A. Martinez and Nick Hexum. Meanwhile, James Earl Jones' voice sounded even extra god-like than usual when I watched The Lion King trailer, plus the soaring strings got extremely loud devoid of getting distorted at max volume. But if you want a extra intimate concert, you'll want to invest in a solid pair of noise-cancelling headphones.
As you probably already know, the new MacBook Pro is not a radical redesign: It is a quiet but notable refinement. But Sony KDL 48R550C Charger that means that any issues you may have had using the laptop haven't changed. You happen to be nevertheless saddled with all the shallow-travel butterfly keyboard, although this new 1 is much quieter than the one particular found on the entry-level MacBook Pro of years past. (Obviously, I can't speak to reliability yet, aside from noting that I didn't run into any stuck or repeating keys just after the initial week.)
This laptop nonetheless only has two USB-C ports for charging and connectivity rather than the 4 you get with more-expensive MacBook Pro models. It seems like an arbitrary exclusion, but inspiron 17 7779 battery I've also rarely used much more than two of your ports on my work-issue Pro at any time. I think that given this laptop's place amongst the Air and the more expensive and powerful MacBook Pro models, men and women considering it probably won't mind having just two ports.
The Core i5 processor can also easily edit photos in Apple Photos, Adobe Photoshop, or Lightroom, and if you occasionally need to do video editing, it can energy via that, too. I don't think there is significantly benefit to spending $300 to upgrade for the slightly faster Core i7 chip in this sony kdl 32r420b power cord 90w model, as its overall performance advantage will likely be limited by the thermal constraints on the Pro's thin design. (If you are buying a laptop primarily for video editing, however, I'd strongly recommend stepping up to the far more expensive four USB port-equipped 13-inch or even better, 15-inch, MacBook Pro models, which have even a lot more powerful processors and graphics card options designed specifically for that kind of work.)
Surprisingly, even with the exact same overall chassis style, the new MacBook Pro stays far cooler than the prior model, with temperatures hovering below 50 degrees Celsius the vast majority on the time. That means the fan (yes, singular, it only has one) almost never comes on-in reality, during my week of employing the Pro for all of my work, the fan only spun up once even though I was doing regular productivity tasks. That's far better than the bose 061384 battery old dual-core model or the MacBook Air, whose fans will spin to a mighty roar with just a couple of Chrome tabs open. It really is not enough for me to say that is as quiet as a truly fanless computer-an import or export of RAW image files in Lightroom will certainly bring the fan to life-but it's substantially a lot more pleasant to work at than the other models that seem to become blowing air extra often than they may be not.
Bottom line
It's clear from the benchmark results that the people today who will clearly benefit from the update for the dell 40wh battery type xcmrd 14.8 v entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro are those in a production environment who rely on apps that take advantage of multiple processing cores. The jump from two to four cores without a jump in price tag is significant and makes the new laptop an attractive investment.
You can argue about Apple's use of the term 'entry-level' for a laptop $1299, but this new entry-level 13-inch model is certainly better value for money than its Touch Bar-less predecessor. It is only slightly additional expensive than the MacBook Air, but provides a key enhance in overall performance. And, with inspiron 17 7779 battery strong battery life and lightweight design and style, it is certainly an attractive option for business users who need a speedy workhorse laptop that they can carry on their travels.
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2019.03.20 10:04 LonrSpankster ACS March 20th, 2019 Nick Hexum, Jordan Harbinger, and Banks Bracket Madness

Download/Listen: https://adamcarolla.com/blogs/podcast-archive/nick-hexum-jordan-harbinger-and-banks-bracket-madness
Bald Bryan opens the top of the show asking Adam about a home improvement question. Then Gina talks about having to register her home security system, which leads to Adam complaining about city regulations. After that Adam talks about a video of Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke apologizing for a comment he made regarding his wife doing the lion share of raising their children. Jordan Harbinger then calls in to discuss the need for hard work even with incredible talent in this week’s “Harbinger Of Success”.
Up next, enjoy a new round of Banks Bracket Madness.
311 lead singer Nick Hexum joins the gang in-studio to talk about the new documentary 311: Enlarged to Show Detail Part 3. He also talks about the time he delivered his own infant daughter at home with no other help around.
Gina begins the news talking about Wendy Williams revealing that she’s been living at a sober living home. Then she does a story about Honey Boo Boo’s mom getting arrested for drug possession. After that, a story confirming Lauren Sanchez’s brother selling the nude photos of Jeff Bezos, along with Mike Trout earning the biggest contract in MLB history. Before they wrap, Gina does stories on Fyre Festival refunds, a Stevie Van Zandt hologram, and a plane needing to do an emergency landing due to the toilet not working.
Check out the 311 documentary 311: Enlarged to Show Detail Part 3 coming soon to Video On Demand, 311 summer tour dates available at 311.com, and follow Nick on twitter @NickHexum
Also visit http://jordanharbinger.com, and follow him on Twitter @JordanHarbinger.
Castrol Challenge: Tweet us your questions @AdamCarollaShow with the hash tag Castrol Challenge
Betonline.AG enter Podcastone
Early 1970's Milton Bradley Stratego board game TV commercial
Adam Carolla on The Wendy Williams Show - 6.13.12
Wendy Speaks Her Truth
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2014.08.07 04:31 MrClarenceWorley Memoirs of a Cam-Girl: An Inaccurately Named Conclusion

“I’m a real good sex person. I do it all the different ways.”
–Kenneth Parcell, NBC Page Program
So I’m still alive, which is cool. There’s more good news but, considering how the previous update ended with me hell-bent on continuing to make bad decisions like it was my job, I should probably start by filling you guys in on what happened the other night.
Using Google Maps, I found a location that matched up with the coordinates from Enid’s final entry: It was a sizable structure positioned behind a long row of smaller interconnected buildings located near the center of a town so tiny; Google didn’t even have a name for it. Which is, of course, always a good sign.
Looking at how the buildings were positioned, I assumed that my destination was a warehouse located behind a long strip-mall. And it seemed as if I had guessed right. In fact, the narrow two-lane highway that acted as Nameless Town’s impromptu main street was practically lined with strip-malls from one end to the other.
Most of the stores were pretty generic: women’s boutiques and sandwich shops. There were a couple of electronics outlets too, a few sporting-goods stores, etc. All of them were closed and, from the looks of it, had been for quite some time. I slowed as I neared the end of “Strip City” and glanced down at the GPS app on my phone. I was almost on top of my destination now.
I looked back at the road and reflexively slammed on my breaks as the final strip-mall came into view. The car screeched to a halt in the middle of the street, stopping beside a sign that read “MR. MYSTERY’S ADULT VIDEO AND ARCADE!” Above the sign was a 10-foot tall painted wood cut-out of Mr. Mystery, himself. Care to guess what he looked like?
If you answered “a creepy bastard in a black mask”, congratulations! You have a basic understanding of how to utilize narrative clues. Call your dad. Tell him he was wrong. You ARE good for something.
On a related note, it was at this point that I became almost certain I was on the right track. I was about to pull into Mr. Mystery’s parking-lot when an uncharacteristic moment of foresight made me decide to drive a little further down and hide the car in the lot of a nearby gas station instead.
I pulled into the abandoned gas station, which was half a block down from Mr. Mystery’s arcade. Then I realized there was a very real chance I would be running for my life when I left here and that it was probably best if my car were parked as close as possible. I pulled a U-turn and exited the gas station parking-lot, Bruce Willis’ irate voice in my head asking “Who’s driving this car? Stevie Wonder?”
As a compromise I passed up Mr. Mystery’s and parked one lot over in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond next door. I even backed into the space so that my car was facing the exit. Keeping my eyes on the adult arcade, I pulled the gun from the back of my waistband and checked the magazine to make sure it was loaded. I let out a deep breath and then switched off the safety.
As I prepared myself to exit the car, I glanced in the rearview mirror and caught a glimpse of the wild-eyed sleep-deprived unshaven ne’er-do-well staring back at me. This is when, for the second time in less than two weeks, I found myself having a genuine moment of personal introspection while sitting in a parked car with a loaded gun in my hand. And it dawned on me then that I was bad at learning from mistakes.
But you know what? Not this time. Ole’ Clarence was too smart to be THAT stupid. I slid the gun back in my waistband and took out my phone to do what, admittedly, I probably should’ve done a long time ago. I dialed 9-1-1.
I put the phone to my ear as the line started to ring, which was weird because the ring had sort of an echo to it. Probably just the terrible reception out here. It rang again and this time the echo sounded like it was coming from the backseat of my car. I lowered the cell as a third ring, clear as day, sounded from my backseat.
My hand fumbled for the door-handle as I glanced at the rearview mirror just in time to see the masked man spring up behind me and say, “Well this is awkward…”
I was too stunned to react before the masked man grabbed me by my hair and clamped a damp foul-smelling rag over my nose and mouth. So this is what chloroform smelled like… I held my breath and fought against the initial wave of wooziness long enough to reach a hand back and yank off his mask. The last thing I saw before my vision became one big blur was the reflection of a familiar face in my rearview mirror.
Jay smiled at me and said, “Shh, it’s okay… There’s no such thing as ghosts.”
The first thing that came back was my sense of smell. My sinuses were still lined with the stink of chloroform. It was awful. Hollywood made getting ‘formed look so glamorous. Like it was all just…
“A rag on my face? Oh no, I’m asleep! Oh no, where am I?”
I didn’t give a FUCK where I was. The first five minutes of consciousness felt like an hour. I could barely keep my eyes open. No response from my limbs. All I could smell or taste or feel or see or think was the god-awful scent of chloroform. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I realized Jay was saying something…
“…Probably a bit too liberal of a dousing and I apologize. But let’s both try and be adults here. You wouldn’t have come without a fight and I’d hate to have to taze a bro.”
I forced my eyes open out of sheer spite. I wanted to look this sick bastard in his face when I told him to go fuck himself. Everything was still blurry but I got the gist: I was tied to a chair. There was a laptop on a desk in front of me and Jay’s stupid face was on the laptop.
After a few moments of concentration, I was able to focus my eyes enough to glare at Jay. I told my mouth to open and my tongue to form the words ‘go fuck yourself.’
My jaw fell slack and a stream of drool poured from the corner of my mouth.
“I forgot you have awful sinuses, don’t you? Maybe chloroform wasn’t the best solution after all. Oh well, as they say… Hindsight is a bitch.”
“Your… mom… bitch…” was the eventual reply that I managed to force out through the corner of my partially open mouth.
Jay turned and beamed at someone I couldn’t see. “Three coherent words, fellas! He’s coming around.”
“Hey-ewe-you-talk…” I started to ask but then furrowed my brow as a more pressing question suddenly came to mind. I gave Jay what I hoped was an incredulous glare as I shouted, “Didn’t I SHOOT?!”
He had a nice laugh at this before finally replying, “Yes, you did shoot. Unfortunately for you, what you shot were blanks.”
“I switched out the rounds in the gun-case you kept under your bed with blanks. You were so excited about shooting me that night; you failed to notice that my 'bullet wounds' were actually just prop-squibs.”
“When did I switch the rounds? The night I came over to ‘help’ you try to save Enid’s corrupted video-file. The same night I installed all that stuff on your laptop that let me create time-and-space defying illusions…” Jay looked up and batted his eyes, pantomiming naivety as he continued in a falsetto tone, “How am I watching a video on a thumb-drive of me receiving the thumb-drive with the video on it? It’s not like anyone I know is able to remotely access computers or make them look like they’re doing one thing when they’re really doing another.”
“WHY?!” I screamed, only vaguely aware of the tears welling in my eyes.
Jay tilted his head at me in a condescending gesture. “The same reason I wrote that folder full of fake logs and planted it at Alice’s place.”
“YOU wrote the logs? Like ALL of them?”
Jay nodded, looking almost proud as he said “I knew you couldn’t resist a good mystery. Especially one involving a creative, attractive, vulnerable girl specifically designed to make you fall in love with the mere idea of her.”
“There never was an Enid,” I muttered to myself and Jay scoffed.
“Oh, there were a THOUSAND Enids… But, hey! At least you’re speaking in full sentences again.”
“So I am,” I said and spat at the computer screen.
“Your next question should be how I managed to snatch Alice WHILE I was at your house.”
I considered this for a beat and then glared at Jay. “Yeah, wait! How the fuck…”
“To quote a true artist, ‘I get by with a little help from my friends.’” Jay reached an arm off-screen and pulled another familiar face into frame.
Amy waved at me. “Hey, Clarence… Sorry we had to put you through all this.”
“Fuck you bitch! I’m gonna choke the life from your husband with my bare fucking hands!”
“That’s cute. He still thinks we’re married.”
Jay chuckled and pointed at Amy, “This one is ‘totes lesbian. It’s cool though. She lets me watch. We just do the holy matrimony thing because her ‘rents gave us a huge dowry and plus it keeps my folks from asking too many questions because let’s be honest. Most of the women I sleep with don’t usually survive long enough for me to pop the question.”
“It amazes me that you think I care right now.”
“Dude!” Jay motioned to Amy. “I’m telling you I have access to interactive 3D lesbian porn…”
“And I’m telling you I’m gonna cut both your cheeks open before I bury you up to your neck so the sex-starved baboons I let loose on you won’t have to take turns FUCKING YOUR FACE! DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU GOOFY GRINNIN’ SON OF A BITCH?! I WILL BURN YOUR FUCKING LIFE DOWN…” I was now screaming at the laptop with every fiber of my being and pulling at the ropes holding me in place until the chair almost tipped over, cutting me short as I paused to steady myself.
One of the people off-screen said, “Ewe, I like this one’s energy. Very creative.”
“How many demented assholes you got back there?!”
Jay turned to address one of said assholes and shrugged, whispering “I’d say it’s as good a time as any.”
“It’s your pledge, your call.”
Jay turned to address someone else and asked, “Wes, thoughts?”
“Hello?!” With Jay and his inane rambling no longer holding my attention, I felt a sudden mounting dread begin to overtake me as the reality of my situation finally and truly set in. I glanced around what appeared to be a break room and saw nothing particularly nefarious looking; jut a kitchenette, the table I was sitting at, and an old pre flat-screen television mounted to the corner of one wall. Near the door was a hand-dolly with a stack of small brightly-colored boxes. The picture on the boxes was of…
The picture on the boxes was of a large purple dildo.
I continued to struggle against the ropes, this time even more frantically, and the chair began to tip back. I tried to force my weight forward but the ropes held me in place as the chair crashed to the floor. I banged my head pretty hard but was thankfully still a bit numb from the chloroform.
I blinked and my vision refocused to reveal a very tall, very muscular, very naked, VERY erect man standing over me. He was wearing one of those old-timey doctor’s plague masks with the long beak-like appendage that admittedly formed a nice parallel with his turgid member.
From the table above me, I heard Jay say, “Toby, be a dear and assist Mr. Worley here.”
Large, naked, erect Toby positioned himself almost directly over my face and began to crouch down and for a moment it was like Cthulhu coming in for that awkward first-date kiss. They say in these situations that the abyss stares back but I wouldn’t know because I recoiled in terror far too quickly to find out.
I shut my eyes tight and then started to scream as I felt my chair being gently lifted upright. A moment later, I opened my eyes to find myself now facing a room full of people staring back at me from the laptop. They were all wearing creepy homemade-looking black masks and seated around Jay and Amy in what looked to be a small theater.
“Meet the Order of Smeghead. Over the years, it has counted among its members some of the most powerful and influential people the world has ever known,” Jay said as he lifted his arms and motioned around the theater. “World-renowned artists, business moguls, reality TV stars, former heads of state, and even a Time Magazine Man of the Year…”
“Was that last one Hitler?”
“Specifics are not important.”
One of the masked audience-members raised their hand and said, “I write children’s books.”
I grinned at him, “Oh, really? Which ones?”
He started to say something but Jay quickly interrupted the man by shouting, “Damn it, Randy! Don’t TELL him! He hasn’t passed yet.”
“Passed what?” I asked.
Several people groaned and Randy lowered his head in shame as Jay turned back to face me, saying “You wanted to know why I would kidnap your girlfriend or enact a cunning plot that required countless hours of espionage and planning; all to lead you on a desperate journey of fear, isolation, and eventual catharsis? It was all a test. There you go. THANKS, Randy.”
“Hey, I’m not the jerk who said ‘passed!”” Someone grabbed Randy by the shoulder and he turned back around, his hands clenched into fists.
Jay sighed as he looked at Randy. “You know what? You’re right. I was about to tell him anyway and I was just mad at myself for not sticking the reveal. I’m sorry I blamed you.”
Randy’s fists unclenched and his posture relaxed. “I’m sorry I yelled.”
“No, you had every right…”
“GUYS!” I shouted, getting Jay’s attention. “What do you mean test?”
“The order has an opening and we’d like to invite you to join.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“To be honest, you’re the only candidate who’s made it this far into the initiation, so you might as well hear us out.”
“Hear you out?! Jay! You abducted Alice, made me think I shot you, fucking CHLOROFORMED me and basically ruined my life and all because you want me to join your stupid sex-cult?!”
Jay lifted a hand to quiet Randy and then smiled at me as he said, “It’s not a sex cult. It’s a secret all-powerful order that worships a pagan god that, YES, happens to use sex to eroticize the most deeply rooted fears of mortal men so that he may one day fill their hearts with his own darkness. All I’m asking you, Clarence, is: Will you let his darkness come inside YOU?”
At this point, the entire audience including Jay shouted in unison, “He’s coming! He’s coming! Oh god, HE’S COMING!”
“Yeah, you guys might wanna cut the singular refrain from your ‘not a cult’ sales pitch.”
Several people in the audience began to murmur between each other and Jay smiled awkwardly as he turned back to me and said, “I feel like we’re getting off on the wrong foot here…”
“Yeah? Kidnapping someone’s girlfriend will do that. Make a note!”
“Toby, can you untie Mr. Worley? Maybe get him something to drink? Would you like a Vitamin Water?”
“Is the vitamin in that water Cialis?” I asked as Toby finished untying me and his erect penis once again entered my field of view. “I mean damn, dude… It’s cold in here and everything.”
“Ah yes, Toby is a brood of the dark one… He is truly blessed.”
Toby grunted at me through the plague mask and I tried not to whimper as I said, “I can see that.”
“Let me ask you, Clarence, have you ever been a member of a secret all-powerful order?”
“I have not.”
“Do you like money, fame, beautiful women throwing themselves at you, all the free drugs you can ingest, and the power to dictate your own destiny?”
“What’s the catch?”
Without missing a beat, Jay smirked and replied “A single sacrifice.”
“My soul?”
The entire audience erupted with laughter and Jay had to wait several moments before it was quiet enough to respond, “That’s a bit of a common misconception among outsiders. See, people like us? Our souls are useless when we’re done with them. Selling your soul to an evil entity is like telling someone you’re going to trade them a cheeseburger after you’re done eating it. What’s left isn’t really worth the effort.”
“Yeah, I get the analogy. So what’s my sacrifice then?”
“The flesh and blood of someone you love.”
Jay nodded off screen and suddenly I was looking at Alice through a security camera feed. She was sitting in a small room surrounded by steel doors with tiny windows set into them at eye-level.
Jay’s voice was still audible through the laptop. “I’m sorry to say she can’t hear you. Trust me. It will make this next part a whole lot easier.”
I leaned in close to the screen. Alice looked just as lost and terrified as someone who’s been kept in a small room for almost two weeks. “Do you really expect me to kill my girlfriend?”
“Oh, no. That’s what we have Toby here for. He’s big into wet-work. A real natural. All you have to do is watch.”
“That’s it, huh?”
“Either that or Toby kills you both. Though, spoiler alert… With him, rape and murder are sort of a package deal. You’re not Toby’s typical type but he seems to be fond of you.” Toby nodded and I was suddenly aware of the heavy muffled breathing emanating from behind his mask as it intensified and grew more labored.
“You sure those are my only options?” I said as I reached back to feel the gun still in my waistband. Amateurs...
I pulled out the firearm and Jay scoffed as he said “I already told you that thing is loaded with blanks.”
“Apparently you’re not familiar with former television actor Jon-Erik Hexum,” I said as I pressed the barrel of the gun to Toby’s chin and fired.
The explosion of compressed gasses and paper wadding slammed against Toby’s lower jaw like an uppercut from a sledgehammer. His plague mask went flying, along with a splatter of blood and several small bits of debris that I assumed were teeth, as Toby’s limp body toppled to the floor. “Or, you know, how blanks work.”
“DUDE!” I heard Jay scream through the laptop as I hurried out of the room.
I exited the break-room and found myself at the back of a dimly-lit warehouse full of porn DVDs and assorted sexual paraphernalia, just as I guessed I would after seeing the inventory on that hand-dolly. This was the large building behind the adult arcade, which meant I had a good idea where Alice was.
I hurried across the warehouse and then into a utility hallway lined with several doors. I found one that said “PEEP SHOW” on it and pulled it open to reveal a small room containing an open doorway to my right and three curtained-off sections to my left labeled: BOOTH 1, BOOTH 2, and BOOTH 3.
I yanked Booth 2’s curtain aside and entered a dark foul-smelling recess with yet another door at the other end. This one was steel and had a window set into it at eye-level.
“Alice?” I practically shouted as I hurried to the window and peered inside.
There she was! I let out a small cheer as I banged on the door, which got her attention. Alice threw a hesitant glance at the window before pulling a literal double-take and turning back to shout, “Clarence?”
“Oh my god…” She smiled as tears began to pour from her eyes. Alice jumped up and hurried to the door. “It’s really you! Clarence, how…”
I examined the padlock on the latch holding the door closed and then held a finger up to the window. “Give me a sec. This is gonna be loud.”
I pressed the barrel of my gun to the top of the padlock, shielding my eyes with my other hand and praying this would work as Alice shouted, “No, wait. There’s the key right there.”
She pointed to my left and, sure enough, there was a key right there, hanging from a small hook. “That’s convenient.”
I returned the gun to my waistband and unlocked the door. As I pulled it open, Alice pounced on me and gave me the tightest hug I have ever received. And then we kissed and it was like something out of a movie. Then she hugged me again, even tighter this time, and said “I’m sorry. I must smell terrible.”
“It’s okay. You’re squeezing me so tight that I can hardly breath, let alone smell anything.”
“Always the smartass,” she said and sighed and hugged me even tighter. I rested my cheek on the top of Alice’s head as I held her in my arms and glanced inside the enclosed dance floor that had been her cell. And that’s when I finally noticed the pale figure huddled in one corner.
“Um…” I said and Alice turned to glance at the young woman seated with her face buried in her knees. “Who’s that?”
“I don’t know. I think she’s been here a while. She doesn’t talk.” Alice leaned closer and whispered “I know she CAN talk because they would give us a piece of bread with every meal and she would always give me hers and I asked her why one time and she said ‘carbs’, so… But I don’t like know her name or anything.”
I knew her name.
Alice looked more than a little baffled as I pulled away from her and began to sing, “And though it hurts me to treat you this way… Betrayed by words I’d never heard, too hard to say.”
The girl in the corner lifted her head enough to see that she was now staring at me.
“Up, down, turn around. Please don’t let me hit the ground. Tonight I think I’ll walk alone. Find my soul as I go home…”
Alice suddenly gasped as she saw the girl’s lips mouthing the words to the refrain along with me, “Up, down, turn around. Please don’t let me hit the ground. Tonight I think I’ll walk alone. Find my soul as I go home.”
The girl gave me a baffled smile as Alice asked, “How the hell?!”
“Is your name Enid?”
Enid slowly nodded.
“I’m Clarence. This is Alice. We’re getting the fuck out of here. Care to join us?”
Enid nodded again and then stood up. As she started across the room, Alice turned to me and muttered in an irate tone, “You have some ‘splaining to do.”
“Baby, you just said a mouthful but right now we need to get you two out of here…”
I was suddenly interrupted by the door to the utility hallway slamming open. Enid froze in the doorway of the cell as Alice and I turned to see Toby tearing open the curtain divider to our booth. He grinned as he spotted us, revealing a mouth full of shattered teeth and blood.
I pulled the gun from the back of my waistband in the same moment I remembered that it was still loaded with blanks. Enid gasped and quickly pulled the steel door closed, shutting herself inside the cell. Thanks!
I pulled Alice behind me and backed us into a narrow corner beside the door. I held the gun out in front of me as Toby charged at us. This was it. I was about to be mauled to death by a giant naked madman while my girlfriend watched. Hell of an obituary though.
And then, just as Toby was about to reach us, the steel door suddenly flew back open just in time to nail him square in the face. There was an audible “CRUNCH” as his nose was flattened and Toby slowly stumbled back.
I felt someone pulling at my hand and turned to see Enid trying to take my gun. I let her have it and she slowly approached the still-daze Toby.
“They're blanks, so you have to hold it super close to do any real damage.”
“Thanks,” Enid said as she pressed the gun to Toby’s now finally flaccid penis and fired. Toby howled in pain and I quickly looked away, wincing out of reflex. I heard his body collapse to the floor and turned to snatch my gun away from Enid.
“Damn, girl… Can I get a heads up before you start shooting dicks off?”
The three of us exited the booth and I lead them back through the utility hallway to a door marked by a sign that read EXIT in glowing green letters. I pulled the door open to reveal a large pitch black room that I at first mistook for a lobby. I spotted a second glowing EXIT sign on the far wall and turned to wave the girls inside…
Then I saw Jay standing behind me and holding a gun to Alice’s head.
“Aw man…” Jay said as he spotted Enid. “You ruined your surprise.”
The lights came on behind me, revealing the small theater I had seen on the laptop earlier, the seats still occupied by several dozen masked creeps. I heard Enid mutter, “Oh god no…”
Jay motioned for us to enter and what could we do but comply? He led us up onto a stage containing a bare altar and under the house lights I could now see that Jay had been crying. “I mean fuck, dude… I told these guys you were cool! And then you’re nothing but completely rude the entire time. You insult our order. You maimed our brood. Poor Toby is probably gonna need twenty grand worth of oral surgery after this.”
“Actually…” I said, holding up a hand. “We also shot his dick off and he’s surely bled out by now. So all you freaks are gonna need is about six feet of hole and one big fucking casket.”
Numerous audience members gasped at this and I nodded at them. “I know. I had to see it and believe me… Not pretty.”
“You’ve dismembered the brood?!” Jay shouted in disbelief. “The ritual had already begun! The brood must spill his seed in the corpse of your loved one or the dark lord will not be sated!”
“Yeah, that’s not happening, so…”
“FOOLS! You have doomed us all!”
I was about to ask Jay who he meant by “us” when the ground began to shake and an inhuman moan erupted from the utility hallway. Jay slowly lowered the gun from Alice’s head and started toward the open doorway. I saw that the rest of the order was now just as distracted as him. Alice and Enid noticed the same thing and the three of us cautiously started toward the exit sign at the opposite end of the room.
No one tried to stop us. They were all too busy watching the hallway as a loud sound, like gnawing, began to filter into the auditorium. I pushed open the exit door to see Mr. Mystery’s parking lot and hurried both girls out through the exit as the source of the sound reached the auditorium doorway.
It was Toby, at least in body. Though it was clear that whatever was controlling him at this point was not something accustomed to walking around in human flesh. Jay dropped to one knee and bowed his head. “Dark lord… please forgive us.”
Toby’s body bent backward, twisting into a full-on spider crawl with his hands and feet flat on the ground and his belly pointed toward the ceiling. Then, what can only be described as something resembling a three foot long jet-black lamprey eel erupted from the mangled mess that remained of his genitals. The gnawing sound was coming from the eel’s circular mouth, which was rapidly opening and closing, revealing a razor-sharp ring of blood-stained fangs.
Toby’s contorted form began to crawl toward Jay at an inhuman speed. Jay screamed as the thing pinned him to the altar and the monster eel protruding from his groin began to snake its way toward Jay’s rear. I heard the tearing of pants and turned to exit the auditorium as Jay’s screaming crescendo-ed into a final solemn whimper of, “Owe…”
Alice and Enid were waiting for me outside, both looking more than a little weary. Boy, was THAT an awkward car ride home. I wish I could tell you it all had a happy ending but that would be a lie.
Enid asked if I could take her to the nearest Western Union and then maybe a bus station. I offered to give her money for a bus home but she refused, saying “I’m sure my boyfriend will wire me the cash.”
She borrowed my phone to call him and I could hear the excitement in his voice even from the front seat. I smiled at Alice as I remembered our own reunion but she was staring vacantly out the passenger window and didn’t notice. Enid used my phone’s browser to find where she needed to go and then directed me to exit the interstate a few miles later.
Thankfully, the small town we entered had a 24-hour place that did wire transfers. I brought her to pick up the money and we offered to wait with her at the bus station but she declined. I don’t think she wanted us to know where she was going and so we didn’t question her. Enid never asked about the New Order song or how I knew her name. I’m pretty sure she had more important things to worry about and so that was where we parted ways.
On the nine-hour drive home, I told Alice everything. From Enid’s logs until the moment I found her. I showed her my previous entries on here and then things got really awkward. I was hoping it was mostly just exhaustion setting in to the both of us but now that I’ve had time to think, I realize that she couldn’t help but at least partially blame me for everything she’d just been through. And that’s fair.
So, we broke up. I also lost my job because I disappeared for a week without even a phone call, but in my defense I thought I was on the run from a murder charge at the time. But yeah, I am now officially alone and unemployed. Ladies…
One last point of interest worth mentioning: After we got back last weekend, I cleaned out my car and found Jay’s mask under the front seat where it must have landed after I pulled it off his face. I was going to burn it but I don’t know. Maybe it was simply the fact that I lost so much over the past two weeks and this fugly black mask was really all I had to show for it, but either way I kind of wanted to keep it.
Honestly, it wasn’t even that scary-looking in reality. The mask appeared to be made out of a patchwork of cloth-tape which made it look slightly different depending on which way the light hit it. But just holding the mask in my hands made me realize how silly I was to have ever been afraid of such a cheap hobo-prop.
Then, last night I awoke to find myself standing half-inside my bedroom closet while wearing the mask and holding my phone out in front of me. Apparently, I had been taking pictures of myself and texting them to random numbers in my sleep, along with the message: HE’S COMING!
So, yeah, I’m starting to reconsider holding on to it.
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