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Morning Oregonian (Newspaper) - November 18, 1863, Portland, Oregon s jtoilu gt'epitiaii. Who 186; Just Rebuke to Northern Pro-Slavery Men i Henry Winter Davis iuet elected to Con- n1- the cmnncipiition caixliLlatc irtmi timore, recently mudc u speech in ought to be rend ercr> Northern man who hns the f-jmput.iv vmhi Wo cun onl> quote a :LW sentence', but tbeso are sufliacot to indicit0 his sent menu. We hardly (hiok these romurko, thut MJ P.ms i> much nfra d of voting for abolitionists, and presume that ho would HIIJ that any one Kvho preferred to support ViilUndiglmm tlmn an abci- n the s dc jf the Govern- httoaiHt ment, was either a as to bo utter turner are hit reiuai When tho Presidcr proclnni itioti, juetih ks ti -ufJ the emancipation condition net ue should have I Letter from Eugene City Kt of M Cni, H, t EDITOK OntnoMas Our town, wtrcii has been rein irk ibl} dull in a biiHiness pumt ot vitu for two or niort1 years punt, bogiutt tuchtm unuiiblniiablo of increasing and thntl in nil hruncln s of business. Several things tend to trod in t, thin result. Captain Pcuwe'i) nt-w which pust aboirt to tuko its plucc on the river and is purtuil'ly owned at tins- ul co, is exppued to make tripn htrf il dune will lupitily devtli and lunhl up u trade Tins tuunt'y to IMS tu aoue in the Stiite when lull> populuicd, un proved and conueitcd with a market Iho to the Northern minis troiu llus pi u e by way of the McKcuzie, is quite un esUbhphed and us it makci ihts in muny quire an outfit point, I rude nuturalU nicreabt-. we really gut iinnen neur by ud men iirc nitmillr at uud it thought enioumging proMpeuts, some 01 miles eust troin heie, though the winter and deep riuowH probably inter In J, .1, u mi III I LL l- l> 1. i allUJllll M.N t I c -.in'''- nipt fttr ho- gene City is looking up somewhat Court haw udjourneil, n'ter ti ol nearlv two weeks, tliotigh I cannot It-inn tlnu of public inlnest tranvpird 1 heiard some ut llie' ro e-uiiiivlaiiiing tliaL it a lean docket, '1 he1 greenlj iek nmniy of tliccouDlry seems to diniinish l and in that icspet-t it ron> he dtoniod tng. The GniBd Jnrv (mind but ti ue bitls, and they were buth lor te'J on tho hrst dny ot tlie terjn- on hing pffrny tit the silloon, tho vatcd case ol poisoning four or Int xluable hunting dogs. By the way I observed recently 111 i IK nn LU. IIM 'nr I ,l Ut Ark lll-ll" r in -Ii, I'v "it" Uliinl I it nb I rJ Co I r i lull ic I f, men un muni i Itli nt iiulilm I UiMiilull conniiiiiiil v, I .1 L i il n I t i ml i Illi diipnlt.il liil iml.ir ll" du k 1 in e. Ie I !UII) I Illi '.at I I N i, l b. r r IK mei, mliel l.rin ,v N vtii.Ur Mil ,v !io 1 III it tr i liijitsul I ink' I th.il ,v -IIUIIM 1 fifiiiln III) Ilri II -ler.l Illln li..l i Ilieii nntl. ml inirv nil r, i I nl. Ill 11 v i un ill i f, H 111 i he Lii lijol tholtup, hu III., un 'ml and tn.nlv ll-. Ull.er i r: un I u la 'u n.r lime I Ir III ll.e Ir nl Ilu eve- Thu I imuionut ippliiuw, nji.l of ivn Mox, co, Vivn. Lu Ropublu --onu panics ivtri i BEAUTIFIIJ st i> tho An f llie in "t I'Dinmoi IKTSMI nrre-l. 1 HI I ntireirUc'I Dun AiifluMin 1M Kioij.in bstni DC Leon an I.Inir hoiiut.-r McOoujjaM's e l> tlio Mexican qtic him liml been puhh-diod nil l ie Itoiml.lK, aud WIIH .t 1 on the Ie un In Ih it (lio Americans tin ir In IP iml no ivoiild niKi-l (bun I. r llie -.pint of It e Ainencuii people to tins Ii rf A G >oi> Tc-r OF a man (iimioi utter .1 word uf conUenititition ol Nmth cm trc ison without including in his ccnMirf Nurthirn ahohtiuniwtH, it 19 rlcttl> lo mark him d >wn nn u with roVl" I In1 -Mine is trno tllohO who are pcrfietlv ji illniK tn Imng A Northtin ah >l tioru-t an ollsct loi of Kuntlieru traitor-' Sirramento 2NTO-] 'nuxr-cs- Notice. Tannin I i.li. re v pMnlhi' lluiic-, -111 k t) nti r VV HAKHtVf nn.l I II K I ill IP I In 111 Ti nl vlo I Unkrtl VV I Uni r. t It .IIHS .KcJ m.iliml TOIIH it Imwn will Ii H. ttlt 1 b> VV ll.k r. t r rr I R Uilltuiun in "ill II Itmln I.J f It n N W It O S MM.M n. till. l J l: WILKINSON insurrcctiun and mnse.nirCN ot their masters1 liunihott But I pcenes 9 The prophecy spring of the proplitt Tlicj wanted i and they did, but ilm prophcc below proved fnlpe great cry nbuut the r this email fragment il Aljo nd heoii ut [01, bmut the whole North, nml liaJ done muth to tujisc the wur arc ac aorihis of our fnto, tlio ho willinc to destio} the for Bake of their friends at the Soutb begin ag to raiao th ii to lolude the umoDed owls, who c; nnut t ie old idciu like cnbwphp, out of heir heads begin to tal about the to ittcmpt to the prejudito, wlnth the enemies Ucpubl alone use fur mischief, and which DO man cu ever tor "Rr no, I eiy, of the LuiteU States, tha HtUe na I have been nn Aholttinuist here1 is been thcH Voni J coming iioi There vv is od to black deccptu Now, whc imcnt for tf toforjf, and as little comipOD scnce in gre as little as I flunk th to do I sa tern a word the prejudice against no ot tho Ooverjunoi as I olavo thei t National uffairs, ant j er euflerer from a too early grave, a the arms of his home many a, wa; that 'without this solace would brighten the eyes of his wife, his children It is most encouraging to beho slant ml patriotism of Buch young as yours They c in not fuil, begin n logs ID love of country. tutation canuot be consulered cqujlly fur I believe Hnrvey was the distovere the tho theory of the cm u lotion oi th od would not he blush to see hiH inodcr ueaake intorleriugivvith the ciiv.ul.itum o winter. Railroad Meeting. Puraaaot to published notice, tliu follou IIIR nnmc itoekliutdere in tbo Cuhfornm uud Culumlna Hi i Itatlruud Corupuuy, mot "le-Juv m i crhoii uml t prdxv, ut Gastou's law office m On gon, II WilhuuiB and E J> Shattuck, of Purlland, P Crundall.o Salkni, F A. Cbem.wotu nnd It Corviilhs, Bcnj. Lndorwoud, Kugeut J 0 Tolinon, uf Aalilnnil J Oanton and A. E. llogore, of Jaokflonrillc CUnrlt, of Oregon, and 8 (r Elliott, of California Tbo following named yeraonn wero duly eketttl Boord of Directors, to aaid COIDJU" ensuiog year, to-wit lion fieorgo II W....... Hon. Amorj Holbrook, of Portland C P. CrauUall ofSuletn, lion F A Clionowolb, of Jt UodorwooJ, of EugdDe, Jobu Kelly, of Jtoncburn and J C. Tolrnnn, of Aeblaud The following named poraons wore elected offioen and agcnU for (be Company, to gerio for the CDSJ ng to-wit President, HOD. Amocy ifolbrook >f Portland Vice President, HOD J C. lobnrtn Mercury, J. GnnloB, Eeq of ille j Cine 2'igiDeer, S G 'Elliott; Local Engineer, C. Vt Sun-ago, of Portland; Consulting Engineer, Col, I i Moorcp, of Saluui. Tbe following resolutions ivero adopted Jtetolccti, That tbo Becretury buappontteda Com mission to meet the Board of Directors of ibo Cah brnia and Oregon Itailrood at on ho 13tb inst., for the parpoaeof roprcsootiuc tlic olereslB of thia Company ai tbc aiCLliog of also to make nrrangcmentu, in uujim. ion nub. said Company, for tlic prosontalmn ot tlu (aims and interests of both these .Railroad Cotopu- mott to Congrcaa, at )ls ensuing acsfion. Resalvfd, That Director KUly bo requested to cm loy a fluttablo person lo canrass Dauglns county or subscriptions lo aid in defraying the expenses Ir. Elhutt's survey, and allow tbe ctinraescre rta onablc compcpsation, Kctnlteil, IThot all canvassers for subscriptions t said survey bo requested ty remit iveokly tbo contri unone in tbcir uands, let's llio ninouut duo Iticin n ompensatioij, by express, to tlio Treasurer of UHH oinpany, James T ClJcnu, at JnoUeom ilk and Ido to furnish a het of all tbc mtinen of mil nd Ibo amounts by person who buj or ui 13 orcaftcr subscribe to until HUTVCJ, to tbu new earcst toeaid canvasser for publication, and t copy of each isauo of sucb con ainlng eubacriptione, to tbt Secretary ol tins Com any, aud tbat at tbe conchibioii of tht ir avrnrti, s aueh tha> furnish to tbe n tatemont of amounts subscribed collettcd, du and nptid, and for llicir couiiioiibntiuD fietotced. That llio Board uppn vt of ibe appoint ontofA-C Daniels and I1 S Kuulitiw Willamette Jclllat. ihut the jnun ut urpose of invvakening n t nnj man nho ts on tlie Hidi u. in this id urraite at heart, or ?lse to Ion as to lie utterly un worthy of notice. [Loud chceijs AH tin old nrguinentb of Roger 1! Tanty and those who would preserve slavery are brought for ward nt this day by j men in "high position Why not be rcuson ible, if negroes are no men, we can't muko them BO, and if they are men, we cant'f help U and if they arc no our equals, we CUD t help )t These question, generally ecttle iheuiUlves by the laws of na tureand of God. [Cjieers Thrtso men who seek to revive these old prejudices artuonly seeking mischief. Lkt this question nlone, and let tbe future show it the ,Lord Jcoowt we Lave got enough in this day to attend to ourjown business. ]Applnuse and laughter LETTERS OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT ing letters have been received from Florence, with a request thut we give them, place ID our columns. They eloquently explain them selves -i l i U. S. COMMISSION, N'EW YORK, Sept 5, 18G3 j Gentlemen munificent gift to the Bick nod wounded solelierfl, of has just reached us. Already the glorious news of our great successes nt Port Hud eon and Gettysburg lias repuid ivou for your humanity Could jon have witnodsed the uo spcakable relief afforded the twenty thousand wounded men at Gettysburg, by the which the liberality o( lojal hearlfTlibe >ours DOS pat into our hands, you with tears of gratitude over eo blessed lan opportu- nity Xour gold dust will keep many u bravo id restore to invalid oevor ngatn inotbcr, bia Id the sub- Territories i such early become dc- time, they take their plate amon of an undivided and imperishable Return the heartfelt ilmnks ot l man, -who speak for Hie sick a eoldiere, to your uuble FlwtnUi glorious donation Tell them, wo g the States Union. urCommis id wounded ci, lor their shall do our the heroes whole duty by tho country nud WJ ire.ww i blood prosecution and 1 that Idaho lemlory, nnd the tdwn 6f Flor ence, are alrendy inscribed patriotism, to be banded down to posterity Respectfully and gratefully IIIKNRY W President U. S Sanitary Commismon To Meters. Samuel Welles, Gcu. H. Atwood, John Ii James, Cu U. S SANITAttt COUMISSH NLU Sept 2 1 herewith tor of thanks from Dr Bellows, rer'a formal receipt, and the assn> By tins, you will m you value in ut in Iiiaho 1 Lero worth ?14GO 10 in gold This gold KCHiild to ut'lht, abtaji office We received the gold iruinl there to-day A'cry respectfullyrypur ol d t hcfvnnt, I U COJ.LIKS, Sup t I S i IDIUO Ki FCTKIN Jas. II Alvord, from abovo nod is Lno turru, that Wallace's n Boibe county, 47o Id 53. Total majority counties, 045 In Sho1 e arc i who 1ms nngtu tl ai 113, for hone c pom iformod bj ust Jarnvtd ofllci il re in luur Cannndy'c} majority is 9, Miseoula county yet to U heard from, but the CHRISTM IS OR NEWIYEAR'S Wilson'f Wheele FAMILl FISH' miCELRR Oi'ejjo: llctt Fa i i Call and Esam illAC'IllVE i Si ate FOR TIIC i eatcsf ai iety of Sewfiitf. lu rsmjiau Willamette j Ketyhtd, Tbit our Soi.utora and Rcprfcntativo i Cdngrecs bo Lurneitlly to tin. aimi of this, CompaD} upon'tlio utttntion of U n roue Jor granta of lands, of and injtbo CBao of tbo Pacific Kuilrorul I That u summarv of the of tooctiog be published m tbo JiLWsnaptrs of Ore J. T i Fcc'J Oal lt Co Jacksonville, Nov. 7, I86J GOOD ADVICE FROM A UEBEI Pom exler being under rcntrai.it m ll.c t Louis County Jail, with tmfficiont Unsure cuol off and reflect, has I ikon to writing to tbc Missouri guemll IB, ndvismo icm to quit the biisincus ot hnekinc and pilluging, lest they alter um upon tho State of lie, think- won t pay, and urges those who cun't sub it quietly Federal rule, ti? [mil up Htakcn, o South and tjoin the rebel nrmj Tho Missouri and to think of changing ai relations to the Government, or oi tucLOss ully invading it while the Missibsippl m y federal autliontv, is, ho thinks, puerile is a piece of very sound advieo if it. doth >me from a rebel, and tbe butternut buoh hackers of Misnouri will act if tluy re guided by it They luay be certun tint o long us the> keep up this murdoroim wnr are, they or their sympathizing fncnde will Qbwer lor it, ten to one S Dijt recently wrote a letter which was rend t n Union Convcut.on m New urk, the p.tln osing sentence of wind, well deserved tho ttention of Democrats, whudu-nc to be loyal UM U 'S l7tC tick nnd the DetuocriUic party JVih 11.3 it i-> fluid Mr ir 'JN WtM jod, if you know the worimu ui made it ind sure it nint kittens Democnicy UK, )b a ost excollent Hentnnont, und meult. itts ubhmc truths, but it is woll to take eed at whuse humL letcut ii, and be rea- onably certain tl.at thoro are no claws bc- eatb ita tempting covering of paetry an 1 pr bibl I II po 1-1. n xpedition iiln h lul u.hlL ih -luU I n. tin, rtbcla. t-uunkr at Lln uytlior direct 10 i According lo arrival ivil bo bulled iritii I ill leiuu-, und wlicro u uuiu.ll foico uill cufficc put a stop to in contraband tmde AH (In, olhor purt of Iho nothing uutbiulic ia i f n Philadelphia, Nov 8 Tbo Subsonnlion nnouncts Unit tlic auks of fiio tuuitici tortui. jias cck A my tinted (o os cr Sof id not thought th it th a id mutest Allures m> turtbur pijmuil u n sent of gold-jiitutst bourinn ccr n ha-j KV.L .rdnigU dun i.cl tliu di-'con nunrju, of j ccrlititad.: tcadjv pro cuttfl an 1 now in tlic TIL i-ur> Depart LIU ofbUti tho onn mn c cnt thiiji tLi, 1-M-ni.li eminent, upon tlio re onstrn eo of AfmitUr tun has prouiplh ar Mid cilc iron i fail rams, wbieb ULTL building ut linki njid rucit IK .m Situ Doming id to 0 tnUr otUj to but! u. bnit'e ml M half, tho rnultwf win b i er >1 i r 110 ne i j wt re t iptun it tnu i i rej uml to lue b Vn All nila, On it in j to It lln 4S bo ir U pi nee tin v uf doubt, Ut advit ort S tlierc on roin dcu lUuti Inmging inlorm Ui m tlnil the i stuji Now Nox y Int hiu the igiuhcaiit from oJli 2am that the Lv) o lilion to lexua hu eturnod, a.ud Ib'c niuiv bad before tF.is set out i it L fortt cir part y, bet ,0011 A n "Vork No% Jhi. rel.U atiimer Margolrel v, IH caiJ.urod Novt inbt-r loth ne-ar be n aiilinui Ch-J. built blciuncr il nd to a. Uu ihlc enrgo of i-ilk, dr I the StuU but two conn Hit Gold-' lur Lu itryl er o. tr ojul. i bail bccu hcird tipn, I n inujur ty froi From Tahiti. that jdnee, im boar rtv ntunes o( the I'nnii t lil.ii.nucd in i e Minister and) v 1U1" tlint fr t.ve-Jol t ruc-lol lln. S 1 II, I In I 1 I I'eiu It u, I'lOii H In brolxlu tip a Intelligence. B, tlio Si ,i ,i t Mni r news of tbc arrival oh "tcumr, "10 had been 11 (0 Cull L. -ifcrtim ol fleet 1( i-. C tiundrnl Inn I nil to 11 be lit tilt ki.l ik In.in t1 i. f Mo Ilu, LU [he it'i bur uro nn u ehmcits ml ISe 1 ult i I numl hten 'n ll1 Id of Chiller a iU.il ijd I: ul in a Led i di 1 h Ih. ,b i-hcd hi] pniK tul KBllcdt UM.., Jne t tl.. ttlUforrbo 1 UK mlmkitiihtH I MI! tins n i (bc> rde-i o c UK t ..hi'i MI j WILLAMETTE THEATRE. The Robbers! TJie Robbers! 1 The Robbers Wednesday Evening, JVov. 1Mb, Will bo j.crfoi THE ortUe Forest orDobnmla. riIAItLF.8 DK irOOH .OBWALDRON trnocln PThnyjer no our Machines and Spec- ens of their STORAGE rOKWAUDI 3VEX2X nnoi Fruits, Oroc and Fire-Pro EDITH MITCH H I. T .conclude wllli Dre-iHCIrcl nm) Par i C-uilani rises at "l- otU Pit, o'clock FAMILY SEWING MACHINE! TUB riBST rHEUlUM WA8 AWARDED THE FAMILY f MACHINE Storage, Forwarding 6trC undo ill o. HO Prout DR. GEO. A. 8ALKM, SEPT. 1BTH, I PERMANENT AGENCY ESTABLISHED IN OREGON. Machines prices I FIRST PRttMIDMS HA1K BEEN AWAKDKD Al S'uto Kjir in the Stalofljo ISfl. ISO" and wtien oxlilfcjtci) in competition willi otbor MttcMn-A Their Superiority u Undeniable. An isneedeJ. OTHFR MACUISE LMni'OIDKHS. t Sows from Common Spools It biuj no Bubblon to U U IM no tronblcsomft brunh or pid, It is mure Simple tltun tQv other ALL AND EXAMINE THEM. in.! or tMBROIBERY BRAIDING J. W. J. PIERSOIV, Agent, e moved to eor. Prant A Pioneer Uotd, Vront .Ir.et, 1'ortland HOLIDAY GIFTS! tormorl> Itegnlont S and llcnpital for I OtFIOE IN VAUOli: TU, nbllc nnij rca SickllemeuniliilluJ t nbetber ID 1'ortliiDil i tbo most liurc tlinl l.lj u.ij llmt Kiinill) Me I I'ortlnnJ, Nov 10th DR. H. hose itrcferriui. tbi TKKAJHtNTc: POUR Front I Portland, Vovcmbi r R KSPI-CTUJLLY __ public gontr ilh THlbtVl Corner ol FI jpprnitc IVtlh rortlnnil, No Furnislicd AT >iO. 2O3 A160 BOARD llio City Ul) APFRjDrilUTB 1 ir C. POMEKOY, Agent, I'oillunrt, ___ COMMISSION. EiS A. FOSTER, G G-Ef. A- B. UCTJO Corner ol Front TRACY Portland, K W alao call atlfintlon to LIS.r other ).cd In 0.1. Cltjr. Money Market RAII KOVD are P'C'cJCto state th it Mr M Turfey, incon invitation of niaay of our will deliver nn address this (Wednes. ptjien tjjo Court House, upon the W) IMc Ka'l Road. It .8 to bo 0 nuJicnco will bo present, as f" n ]S one of absorbing interest to -tj7eDb and io one alsii with wbich is 'thoroughly f.umlmr, having f'- aaJros-cd tho people in diffcren upon this ,ur The cases assigned for lny were tnojJ bv the jury. Jacob as cunvn-ted of an ngguult with in- Julio I' nnd J.iccJb Chnc was acquitted of Wo prepared loodv OPFICK, DIRFCTLi Ol'I' We pay the Sighc .12-1 1SC3. ries, Confectionaries, reg-on Prodnbe. t btone Score, Blalli Htreet, 'ity ORY IMPORTER ASTD fornication, for which he was "celestial" names for keeping houses of ,n this virtuous city, will be tried to- IVe will publish to morrow the report ad a 'lst indictments jty them. S Cnt-RT AT ENQLISH, FRENCH, X> H.Y HOSIERY, PRINTS, LIXENS, tVUlrtJI MEN'S FIJRNISHINGflO find Mettw IfU AMPLFHUH-PROO STOK COMMISSION on d mOs a Commission J pr I or larpe iiuimtilicj ul u 1 Hour, I'l.ALN aixiSBU trect, 1st door coulli of Post Offico, noliJtf A. M., M. O. PHYSICIAN AND SURCEON, ;on of llio Lyinc in Uospital vi. tlio 1'uBt Office I reU thivt cMea !nf ant) lit i! IIB il n iliHliiiKu tn tliu country, ahnll ttlug attention vvith ruuct nfTurJ McKINNELL, MILD. roDsuIt him nt bia.offlcc OD H STREET, S the Public Square. JOSEPH 1113 and 111, him a call n tbe ?AUS1 st and stark Co 'a txprcss Ofllc ooros anr Board. SECOND STREET, ORTI.AND. TllF DAT AT 4EASONABLK T LOCAliTV in IV up __1 J I ixw OP a Ju.troc, B datlli, I C A UemCHAIlDP Notice. T1IL SI LAMER jndcrstaod tlint the V S. Grand Jurs has from its labors m the Court .UntVancoiMcr. , r ASSESSOR William Grooms has ated llie appointment of AetTbtant Asses- cf Intorn.il Revenue for District No. 3, icb embraces jrullnumah county vice II Coolson, rchigncd oCoNXBLTiov ABOTE steamer from iites yesterday fuilf J to connect with the above, hence but little gold was added B the amount now on hands in this city. steamer from San Francisco itVicioria'wa'' advertised to sail yesterday, d may be expected here on Monday next. VL tho favorite piece, Robbers of the Forest of will be atcd at the Willamette Theatre, and it larcely fail to attract n good house. E nre informed by Mr. bouse of the Pioneer Ilotcl, that the ,pbic communication between Oregon id Salem is interrupted by a break ID re. table ia well furn 1 intb. all recent pictorials, for which indebted to S. J. McConnick, vrbo bas ;h, just arrived overland, to enable F body who loves good rcadiag, to get a I (tare. NUTBPAPZES, Barrett hna our 'it? for late papers, received by mail JCE- lay morning. He has a full supply. wants sc-v- DC9. The forlorn old bachelor ueeds f buttons of his wristbands, nn3 ALL IMPURITFT l TUZ man needs one to make (he aforcJ wristbands for buttons lo be sewed on to. a few among tho latter vesterday noon, at tho wareroom df F. rVimeroy, Agent for the Wheeler Wilson .uig machines, and witnessed the opcrltion tbe "lock-stitch The reader must not to describe what they can call at Poroeroy's, on Alder street, second door First, and sec for Iheuischcu. His oi 'on room is decorated -with some elegant of ladies' neatly braided, and 'and varied casings of his familj sew- hmes arranged m a semi-circle, pre- 1 the many highly .2 undoubtedly tbo most mngnihcent in that lino over seen north of Sau NEW QOOBS B1 EVE HceHcit1 _ DIP I'iioDucED BY na'CRrrri BLOOD, I1ICII CLOGS 1 TIOIC AND WI I I TdK SHOWS THAT DONE TO 1'RhL HE FlSttR-i VILL'S BLOOD IIVER JM ONKOFTUKM TILLABLE ATIVES BEFOM- mt WILL CAURi i I OF LEAVK THE II 1 n> ACTI51 8 SYRLPH KIND OF RHEUMATISM i CO., 418 FRON'T STRi f T AND FOR SALE H l KYWIBtt WM H A for ll.c a, JUn Britain h comtiunlion experience, yiirf ciiye tic dtaeatea, and rcmat Halle c, by ,lc catjuala 4 Oanotnili >O JM. O. Po.t oincc Bulldlu, I 3D XI, leme not be tl.c- Anlienec wn i 1MIVM1-N iHATClit- Dl VMON ,n plnin tiid i n.n.i. I, I i, MLM.H lull ihciic.i .1 QOOD ARTI ESS THAN SAN FRANCISCO PRICES GOLDSMITH BROS All OLIM.UOUa ARt WAUKAMEI) nU ]___ WHARF, IT I. ATiftv it lrtl I rupnttor 0 "o merer 6o >...r ....i. h I er K ft rri ll.e C.ial, 4IS Fn The case is of solid rose wood, fwvrood lined, with tbe machine and all implements silver plated, -while the Plate is inlaid with pearl. The top it m that the whole machine or only so much asahall free wlnle so expansive rest is thus It IN worth Lai Paris co to the Trench Emperor tbe following 'ption, originally designed for another, 0U! the DIB uncle' 'liujgj .uaa what be aimed KB -i intended >kerth. said what he thought, he carried it so that others should do hl Sind reetl DBC are in Ql. I rJr UMOlJ undo lor I Irojll he ,lkil GlJ We ic wt It i PORTABLE MILL STONES; BOLTING BELTING LEATHSR m .h. until rVlilPIlOIIDINd k C I-" 01- BICHTEL PICTURES AkE TUB g, Ucai'Inp and in jj itiwnl1 FTJR.S: FtnBp; BEAR AND 1 I 3A.S I T IIK ColLirs, Tftlmiu nud UdKS1 MiMts ite pvicei, i Doalom will do to lnulnc claouberc It. 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